Soldier of Fortune v1.04

Update to version 1.04...

Soldier of Fortune v1.04

Update to version 1.04. Contains lots of fixes and some new features.

Changes in this patch:

-Fixed crash in EAX sound code when playing old sounds

-Fixed crash in DM when getting killed by standing over a flaming body

-Fixed crash in DM for Arsenal caused by weapon switching / inventory bug

-Added a check for invalided saved game files in the menu code

-Changed the "Error during Initialization" dialog to report the specific error

-Added view height change for MOF

-Fixed a bug in detection of remote IP address for systems with multiple IPs

-Circumvented W2K bug in SetProcessWorkingSetSize().

-This call would basically not allow various GL implementations to initialize under W2K. Removed the call to that function.

-Re-organized CD copy protection

-Made it so that the winsock error WSAECONNRESET doesn't drop you to the console

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