Soldier of Fortune Demo Update v0.57

Upgrades the demo to version 0.57...

Soldier of Fortune Demo Update v0.57

Upgrades the demo to version 0.57. See "more info" for details.

Run speed for DM in menus

LAN Only option in multiplayer config

No rocket launcher dm flag in menus

Scoreboard display / sorting problem fixed

Fixed obit filter cvar problem

Current map name in info list

Dedicated console talking is now in purple

Remote IP determination

Fixed SOCKS5 support

Added "exit" command to console (in addition to "quit")

Remove cl_nodelta cvar

Player height raised

Fix for going to the web pages for NT

Player corpses are shootable after respawning

Added no_won cvar (for LAN only play)

Chase cam for spectator works better now

A3D bug fixes and upgrade to 3.0

Fix for random crash

Fix for Invisible players in DM

Added g_movescale

DM flag for no rocket launchers

Added sv_suicidepenality

Crash fix for default sound / A3D in multiplayer

Smoother movement for spectator

Fix for public server checkbox not working

Longer delay for intermission and only fire button to move on

New sniper rifle behavior

Blood fixes

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This patch updates the Linux version of Soldier of Fortune...

SoF Patch v1.06a (Macintosh)

Here is the patch for SOF for Macintosh bringing your game...

Soldier of Fortune v1.04

Update to version 1.04...

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