Storyteller Beta 2 Update (Linux)

Storyteller's basic philosophy is to make any information of...

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  • Program by Ptahhotep & RollingThunder

Storyteller Beta 2 Update (Linux)

Storyteller's basic philosophy is to make any information of a logged CS match available in an easily navigatable way. This immediately led us to the combined Perl, MySQL and PHP approach, which gives us the needed flexibility. This file contains all files except the images used for Storyteller. If you have installed a previous version of Storyteller download only this file to update to the latest version of Storyteller.

The changelog in detail:

- almost completely rewritten

- support for both CS1.0 and CS1.1 log files

- modular structure to adapt more easy to future log changes or even different games

- added "days since last seen" ranking requirement

- added file "playerfilter.txt", player names containing one or more strings out of this file are not ranked

- added file "quotefilter.txt", quotes containing one or more strings out of this file are not listed

- fixed bug in graph_skill.php, incorrect previous skill lookup, now considering line_nr

- slight changes to config.php: please make sure you overwrite the old one with the new one


dedicated to Counter-Strike

fast log parsing and database updates

multiple servers supported

dynamic web pages

player search

customizable php layout

compression and archiving of log files

optional log access through ftp

easy rebuild of database from archived logs

on-the-fly generated skill graphs

on-the-fly generated round graphs

live server status

customizable skill calculation

customizable rating calculation

detailed match/round histories

quotes history

changes to winning/losing/greater/smaller team

suicides/team kills/team deaths

average play time per day/week

kills/deaths per real time

best/worst kills/deaths ratio per match

most kills/deaths and average kills per match

most kills per minute per match

most/average kills per round

most kills per minute per round

fastest/slowest/average first kill per round

own team wins

quote search and navigation

team joins to "larger and winning" team

total quotes, first/last/random quote

rating and rating details by skill/kills per deaths/bombs planted/defused/exploded/hostages


bar graphs for kills by weapon/map

bar graphs for weapon kills to deaths

php output caching

optional automatic updates in definable intervals

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