Half-Life Mod Manager v0.12

A cool mod manager for Half-Life with plenty of options for...

Half-Life Mod Manager v0.12

A cool mod manager for Half-Life with plenty of options for organising your mods - many good features that will be fantastic for the hardcore gamer... and handy for those amateur newbies who don't yet know how to use Half-Life correctly.

The Half-Life Mod Manager (HLMM) is a tool Napalm has written allowing anyone with mods in their Half-Life directory to list them out in one handy little window, and launch them all at the press of a button. The version and url of the mod are displayed upon selection of a mod, and the program keeps track of previous servers you have connected to for a multiplayer game. No longer do you have to manage shortcuts or browse boringly through "Custom Game" screens and waste valuable gaming time! Just load up HLMM, select your mod and launch!

After downloading HLMM, getting into a game is relatively quick. By default the "Scan for mods on startup" option is enabled, so all you have to do is load up HLMM, and you are presented with a list of mods installed in your Half-Life directory. Simply click on a mod and click LAUNCH MOD. You will after a few seconds be sitting at the mod's main menu. The console is also enabled by default, to make your experience the most optimistic.

Connecting to a server is extremely easy. Before clicking the LAUNCH MOD button, click on NEW (if you want to connect to a new IP you have never been to before in HLMM) or PREVIOUS (if you want to look through previous IPs you have connected to and then pick one out to connect to). If you click NEW, you just have to enter the IP address - that's all! Then click LAUNCH and you will be connected to the server you gave HLMM (providing the IP is a valid HL server). If you click PREVIOUS, you are presented with a screen showing you all your previously visited servers - simply select one and click CONNECT TO THIS SERVER. Then click OK. Now click LAUNCH to connect to that server!

The best thing about HLMM is its speed and ease of use - after loading it up you can be connecting to a game within a few seconds!

In coming versions we will make it possible for the HLMM to check the versions of the mods you have installed, and inform you of any new releases by the mod author themselves. This is relatively easy, although it will be time consuming, due to someone having to keep track of all the latest releases - so not every mod will be supported.

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