The EMZ - A Doom3 Multiplayer Mod v1.0 (Final)

EMZ adds new modes of play to Doom3 Multiplayer, Advanced...

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The EMZ - A Doom3 Multiplayer Mod v1.0 (Final)

EMZ adds new modes of play to Doom3 Multiplayer, Advanced server setup commands, new skin types, gameplay options, music. Put some life back into your doom3 multiplayer experience!

EMZ has the following major features:

Works with both standard Doom 3 and DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil.

"Single Weapon" modes of play, with administrator control over which modes players can choose.

Additional Skin Types (bright, atom, stealth).

Nine Skin Colours in Doom 3 and DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil.

New Death Messages: no more "Simulation was killed by 3xH" - like that ever happens anyway ;)

Individual Item Spawn Control with weapon stay and random spawn weapon.

Individual Item Re-spawn Timing Control with randomising factor.

Inactive Player Management (set to spectator or kick).

Music by Coerce (Main Theme - Diplomatic Etiquette Instrumental).

Individual CFG files depending on which version the server is running with (emz_base.cfg and emz_d3xp.cfg).

Administrators can ban and unban players from the game.

Spam control.

Voting enhancements to manually ban players from calling votes or automatically ban them if they get too many failed votes.

Upper and lower limits can be placed on frag limit and time limit votes.

Individual key binds for Shotgun, Double-Barrel Shotgun with option to disable toggling.

Server control over allowed player Field Of View (g_fov) values.

Fixes to things not addressed in official patches.

Eight players shown on scoreboard in Doom 3 and DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil.

Bug Fixes to EMZ functionality.

Initial player weapon list and ammo counts.

Servers can display a "Message of the Day" to players. Players can toggle display of the message with _impulse31 (default bind of "M").

Players with no gun model can now see when they have the invisibility powerup. A spinning green icon is shown at the foot of the screen. For the last eight seconds this will pulse red. [0005] See emz_cl_show_invis_icon.

The expansion pack has a "Midnight CTF" mode which doesn't seem to be documented anywhere. I've removed the old CVar which controlled this and replaced it with emz_si_midnight. Like other "emz_si" CVars this needs to be set by command (emzMidnight) and will take effect on the next map change.

Scripts for server administrators to quickly change settings without all that nasty typing stuff.

Supported Platforms

We have built and tested client, listen server and dedicated server under Windows.

We have built and tested as a dedicated server only under Gentoo Linux. The mod should work for Linux clients but we have no way of testing. Not much Linux know-how I'm afraid, so any testing of this would be appreciated.

We have no access to a Mac so there isn't a build for this platform. Double sorry.

This is a first build and is very rough and ready. We are planning a new UI for the next release so bear with us while we continue to use a chopped version of the original.

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