DOOM 3 - E-mail Mod: End the Silliness

This is a small mod that fixes the silly e-mails in DOOM 3,...

DOOM 3 - E-mail Mod: End the Silliness

This is a small mod that fixes the silly e-mails in DOOM 3, which some people deemed inappropriate to the atmosphere.

Bless their hearts. id wanted to use silly emails to give us comic relief from their intense environment. Gamers said "that was dumb." Install a tiny mod to fix the worst of the worst.

(from the readme.txt file)

No-id-Humor Mod v.1.0


Those crazy guys at id, trying to make with teh funney in Doom 3...

Apparently overestimating their ability to make Doom 3 a frightening, nerve-wracking experience, they took one of the potentially most creepy moments of the game and instead used it for poorly-conceived comic relief. In my disgust, I created what will probably be the smallest Doom 3 mod ever.


If you've played far enough into the game, you probably know what this mod fixes.

If not...

PLEASE, just install the mod and forget about it. It's best if you don't know *exactly* what it does. It's a small thing done for effect, so don't ruin it for yourself.


In the future I hope to write an expanded mod that replaces all SPAM emails with something that expands on the storyline and thereby increases the feeling of immersion. If this inspires anyone to start writing, please contact me and perhaps I can incorporate submissions into a future mod revision.

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