Shodan (Hacked Mix)

An electronic, fast-paced mix of System Shock 2's tunes,...

Shodan (Hacked Mix)

An electronic, fast-paced mix of System Shock 2's tunes, featuring some vocals too.





FILENAME: Bart Klepka - Shodan (Hacked Mix).mp3

SONG TITLE: "Shodan (Hacked Mix)"

MIXED BY: Bart Klepka

ORIGINAL ARTIST: Josh Randall, Ramin Djawadi & Kemal Amarasingham


GAME: System Shock 2

DATE MIXED: 01.12.1999

MP3 QUALITY: 128Kpbs, 44Khz, Stereo

MUSIC STYLE: Jungle/Techno





When I heard the music in System Shock 2, I knew I had to do something with it. It was ambient, it was electronic, it was fast, it needed a mix! I remember playing the original System Shock, the game definately had a perfect atmosphere. This mix is different from the actual game music, it's more happy, fast and suggests victory as opposed to suspence/horror. The reason I called it a Hacked mix was that I really saw a film clip for this mix in my head were a hacker was trapped inside a computer, trying to work his way out of the system only to have Shodan terminate his escape route everytime. If you've seen the circuit scenes in 'Hackers', then it's something like that, but more detailed.

A majority of the samples used in this mix come directly from the game, since it had very nice drum and sequence loops. I added a very modified bass drum that sounds very different on various sound systems I've heard it on. The buzz lead I used worked nice I think, creating a fast paced tune. I also used the voice from the introduction of the game, which is Shodan, played by Terri Brosius. I personally like this mix because of the way I used the samples to make the mix sound the way it does, rather than the way it was made to sound. :)


EMAIL: [email protected]

ICQ: 2778980


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