Dread Legion Update

Dread Legion adds the Dunmer, commonly known as Dark Elves,

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Dread Legion Update

Dread Legion adds the Dunmer, commonly known as Dark Elves, to the world of Morrowind. This is a massive update to the Dread Legion plugin.

Dread Legion Plugin:

This is a massive update to the Dark Legion plugin that adds many weapons, armor, spells, powers, abilities, enchantments, a faction called the Dread Legion, an underground Safe House in Seyda Neen complete with NPC's that can train and barter, a hidden headquarters for the Dread Legion somewhere in the wilds also with NPC's. There are no quests as of yet but that is because I haven't come up with a reason yet. Access to the safe house and headquarters is through the front door or teleport rings. I have written scripts for the armor and weapons that prevent anyone who is not in the Dread Legion faction from wearing them or using the weapons. Only Dark Legion are allowed to join the Dread Legion faction as there is a background available describing why. The minimum requirement for entrance into the Dread Legion is level 5. Let me know about any unknown issues with the script. Entrances to the hidden compounds can be detected by looking for fog around them. These facilities have no above ground structures other than the entrance doors.

This MOD is not for amateurs as the training cost multiplier was raised from 10 to 500, the difficulty multiplier was raised from 5 tom 50, the level up multiplier was raised from 5 to 25. There are many other increases to the settings but none that have proved to be problematic for playability of the game. I do not recommend setting the in-game difficulty slider to 100 as I have found that the normal setting of zero is plenty tough.

You will also need some additional plugin files to make this work as it was intended:

[Stargate, Enhanced Sounds, Bittercoast Sounds, Re-Colored Armor, Admantium Armor, EQBArtifact, Lefemme Armor, MM Mod, The Void, Titanium Armorers Hammer, PowerZip].

This plugin is very straightforward just unzip the file into your data files directory and load it when the game startup screen displays by selecting data files and checking the box next to Dreadnaught_Master.esp.

This mod is fully compatible with the 1.2.0722 patch.

New Races & Classes That I Have Created

Dark Legion:

In the Empire, "Dark Elves" is the common usage, but in their Morrowind homeland, they call themselves the "Dunmer". The dark-skinned, red-eyed Dark Elves combine powerful intellect with strong and agile physiques, producing superior warriors and sorcerers. On the battlefield, Dark Elves are noted for their skilled and balanced integration of swordsmen, marksmen, and war wizards. In character, they are grim, distrusting, and disdainful of other races.The Dreadnaught is an elite race of Dark Elves that have been bred from the finest and purest Dunmer warriors & nobles in Morrowind. This was accomplished through the incorporation of ancient rights into the breeding process to insure only the purest blood Dunmer could be used. The Nerevarine is rumored to be of this race but not even the Dunmer High Priests know for sure.

Dread Legionnaire:

Dread Legionnaires are only rumored to exist and only known within the Dunmer tribes of the wastelands. Ancient prophecy says that the Nerevarine is possibly a Dreadnaught.

Dread Warlord:

The Dread Warlords are the creme of the Dreadnaught Class. The members of this class are chosen from the leaders of the clans and are known for their mastery of magic and their ability to lead their people in times of war. A Dread Warlord is said to be a fearsome warrior as they have a mastery of the sword equal to that of the Dread Legionaire.

The Birth Sign Of The Dark Legion


The Shadoan is an ancient Dark Elven god which is only known within the temples of the Elves, it is unknown whether this is a good or evil god. The Dunmer believe it is the sign of the Nerevarine ... the High Elves however, believe it is a Daedric god and expel all whom are born under its sign for fear of the evil they might possess. The emperor believes that it is indeed the sign of the Nerevarine and intends to use it to control the Dunmer people through his agent.

The Faction Of The Dark Legion

Dread Legion:

This faction is race specific and will not accept anyone outside of the Dark Legion race into their ranks. They also have specialized weapons and armor that may not be used by any outlander, not even the Dunmer or Ashlanders may use it. You must be a member of the Dread Legion to use the armament. When you join the faction you will be given special rings that will teleport you back to the Safe House or Dread Legion Headquarters depending on which ring you use. You will also be given the key to some very special treasure chests reserved for special members of the faction. Do not try to pick the locks on these chests as they are trapped with some very potent damages [over 1000 points each].

I created a new look for the Dark Legion which have all the looks of the normal Dark Elves but also incorporates some of the looks of the High Elves as well. These are what I call Hybrid Elves.

I have revamped the look of the Dread Legionnaire and Dread Warlord armor and weapons. [See screenshot above]

This mod combines many mods that include bug fixes, new races, classes, birth signs, spells, powers, enchantments, abilities, and armaments [Weapons and armor]. There are also enhancements to the game including higher leveling up requirements, much more expensive training costs. I have also increased the level of difficulty by implementing both mods that increase difficulty by raising creature hit points, leveling them, and dispersing undead throughout the realm. In addition to all of these enhancements I have raised the difficulty modifier in the game settings by 500%. I have tested the mod for playability and everything works so far.

Dread Legion Safe House Quests

I have created quests to be completed from different members of the Safe House. In order to do this I created some very specific armor which is terribly powerful but also have very strick qualifications in order to be able to equip them. I have placed the armor in very out of the way locations so that it will take some doing to get them. The chests that the armor is in require a special key to open which you will be given when you accept the quest. Be very careful as you will only be offered the quest once and if you turn it down you will be disliked by those in the faction. If this gets bad enough they might expell you or simply refuse to provide services to you so be careful how you answer their requests. Non-members will not be offered either services or quests. Completion of the quests get you some nice bounty in the form of good armor and lots of cash as well as a promotion within the faction and the respect of everyone in the faction.

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