Head Compilation

A big compilation featuring over 500 heads and 150 hair...

  • Category Traditional
  • Size 25.5 MB
  • Program by Evilgreebo

Head Compilation

A big compilation featuring over 500 heads and 150 hair styles.

TR_heads by Evilgreeebo

This is a compilation of every available head and hair pack I could find. There is over 500 heads and 150 hair styles.

None of these were made by me I just stuck them together.

To use this you can either use the esm file (master) or the esp file (puggin).

If you are making a mod using the esm means you can add new heads without increasing the size of your puggin, in theory people should only need to download this file once but you can’t always count on that. Any mod made using the esm can only be played by someone who also has the esm which is the main downside.

You can also use the esp to preview the heads and then manually add them to your mod through the body part menu. Make sure you give them a unique name because Morrowind doesn’t like it when two thing have the same name and won’t run the pluggin.

All of the head and hair files are in datafiles/meshes/_TR

Using either of these will allow you to select the heads in-game but this does not replace any NPC heads.

Happy modding

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