NetVisualize Favorites Organizer

Organize bookmarked URLs and create website thumbnail images...

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NetVisualize Favorites Organizer

Organize bookmarked URLs and create website thumbnail images with NetVisualize.

NetVisualize Favorites Organizer lets you manage your favorite URLs and bookmarks visually. NetVisualize creates thumbnail images of your favorite websites, and is as simple to use and familiar as Windows Explorer.

NetVisualize will import Netscape Bookmarks and Internet Explorer Favorites, and provide you with powerful text and visual search capabilities to help make your Internet browsing experience manageable.

NetVisualize can display an image directory of website thumbnails, making it easy to visually scan for a particular site when you can't remember the name but you're sure you'll know it when you see it. You can also save your links to an HTML file, complete with thumbnails, and set this page as your browser's home page or upload it to your website to give your links page some extra visual appeal.

This update provides many new user options, including the ability to control font sizes and features to enable automated timed exporting. It also includes a printable Adobe PDF manual.

Note: This download also includes the evaluation version of NetVisualize Plus.

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