KeepShots for Q3A v1.0

This utility is designed to protect your Q3A screenshots...

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  • Program by Aaron M. Fisher

KeepShots for Q3A v1.0

This utility is designed to protect your Q3A screenshots from being overwritten by Q3A between sessions, by automatically renaming them with a date & time prefix. Useful for those of us who like to keep screenshots of our scores!


Version 1.0

By Aaron M. Fisher

Copyrght © 2000


Using KeepShots is simplicity itself!

Simply add this application to the Windows

"Programs/StartUp" submenu, restart Windows and

then launch the game as usual.

KeepShots will then date all screenshots produced

by the game as soon as the game is exited. This

will prevent the screenshots from being overwritten

the next time the game is run and also provide you

with a session date for the screenshots.

For comments, suggestLions, bugs or whatever,

E-mail: [email protected]


Quake III Arena © 1999 Id Software, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

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