Adds a sniper dot to the shockrifle and sniper rifle, as...


Adds a sniper dot to the shockrifle and sniper rifle, as well as notifying you of long-range targets and who is aiming at you.

This is Snipe v95

To use, just install it to your UnrealTournament folder. Then, to use it in the game, start a practice match or mulitplayer game and select either Snipe or Instagib Snipe from the mutators window.

This is a client side mod. This means that the player must have it installed to use it on a server (and vice versa).

Features include:

-Sniper Arena with aiming dot playmode.

-Health deduction of 20 health per shot and 40 gain in health per head shot to promote accuracy.

-Long range target identification.

-Messages that tell who is targeting you.

-Green sniper aiming dot.

for future versions, there will probably be accuracy encouraging features to toggle, like an anti-camping feature similar to the Anti-Camper mod by Beppo(only yer not declared a camper unless u actually frag people, unlike in Beppo's version). I may add a HUD that displays who is targeting you/ who you are targeting so that if multiple people target you it can be displayed. Other planned features include having the dot for all weapons or just the weapons you specify, a Mod menu entry letting you set whether or not to use a shot penalty and how big the penalty is. there will be many more colors of dots to use and configure thru the mod menu.

bug report: None known (besides that it don't work online [at least on listen servers...]) found one? email me!

bug fixes for this version:

last version: 91

-Added health deduction per shot: 2 points

-Changed the overall setup of the mod so that there aren't any new weapons to deal with. Just the plain old sniper rifle and a pickup called Laser which makes an aiming dot and handles the shot penalty: 1 point

-Fixed the screwy messages that occured in online multiplayer play. Credit for this goes to DJKool.: 1 point

final total: v95

Special thanks go to:

For their mods (sniper mod, AntiCamper, and External Sniper, respectively) and inspiration:




Necron_99 -For coding support, and being a good sport about it =)

MeltDown -he helped me fix those cursed accessed nones =)

DJKool -For bugging (and helping) me (to de-bug). Also for the cool pic for the umod file. =)

for the idea for health reduction per shot:


Other mods by me




-King Of The Arena


-Headshot Arena



questions, comments, bug reports??

contact me

[email protected]

icq 45383606

My Website

i am a scripter for the Ultimate Tournament Project:


Legal Crap.

This mod is in no way affiliated with Epic Megagames or GT Interactive. You MAY NOT distibute it, neither for profit or for free, by any physical medium (ie CD-ROM) without my explicit written permission. You may use the code in your mods and distribute this mod via any electronic medium (ie Internet, FTP, etc.) without my permission (BUT DON'T USE THE CODE TILL THE FINAL VERSION IS RELEASED!!! AND THIS RELEASE ISN'T IT!!!).

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