Falcon 4.0: Allied Force v1.0.7 - v1.0.8 Patch

This is the v1.0.8 patch for Falcon 4.0: Allied forces...

Falcon 4.0: Allied Force v1.0.7 - v1.0.8 Patch

This is the v1.0.8 patch for Falcon 4.0: Allied forces updating the game from the previous v1.0.7 version. Read below for more information.

v1.0.8 changes:


Artificial Intelligence

- Improved ground avoidance for low altitude flying of AI.

- Fixed AI continuing landing pattern when human lead switches from landing waypoint back to route waypoints.

- AWACS comms now continue if a package-assigned FAC is shot down.

- AI will use rockets more effectively on ground targets.

- Made AI more responsive on Weapons Free command for A-G missions - read the Addendum manual for further information about AI handling.

- Fixed issue where AI jets spawning on the runway would sometimes taxi onto the grass causing the departure queue to stall forever.

- Resolved problem where sometimes AI would sometimes chase after enemy A/C with guns instead of engaging with air to air missiles after a Weapons Free command was given.

- ATC gives more time for the player to leave the runway after landing.

- Fixed AI taxiing onto the runway without permission because they're going too fast.

- Refueling changes (also read the Addendum manual):

o Inability of the tanker to refill external tanks fixed.

o Large warps occasionally seen in multiplayer refueling fixed.

o In realistic refueling model, the AI boom driver now applies forces to help position the thirsty aircraft.

o In realistic mode, connecting to the boom now cushions the speed of the refueling aircraft.

o In realistic mode, the player must now use the "Done" tanker radio command, the AI no longer does this on behalf of the player.

o In simplified refueling mode where the AI is providing throttle assistance, a heavily loaded player jet would struggle to catch the tanker. This has been addressed.

o Aircraft in the refueling queue will be ignored by the tanker if they fly away, land or are dead.

o Subtle vertical stabilisation added as the refueling aircraft closes in on the tanker.

Avionics / Weapons

- Smoke marker rockets for FAC flights won't smoke when exploding in the air anymore.

- Fix a bug that caused the RWR to continue chirping when a beamriding missile was switching sensors or lost lock.

- Revised ripple bombing: the impact point shown on the HUD now designates the center of the bomb string.

- CCIP pipper in 2D cockpit fixed.

- Display own bullseye location in the HUD when Bullseye information is turned on (ICP Misc/Bullseye page).

- Fixed the 5900lbs limit sometimes imposed on refueling.

- Fixes for Helmet Mounted Sighting (HMS) system - read the Addendum Manual for more information.

- SAM units work more effectively now. Target selection (previous fixation on the lead aircraft) is improved.

- Alignment of radar displays in A-A and A-G modes fixed.

- During ramp start do not delay engine start with the need to move throttle.


- Improved 2000lb effectiveness compared to 500lb (2000lb slight increase in footprint/damage). Also, two 2000lb GP or PEN bombs will now destroy runway sections.

- Improved default loadouts against underground factories. More need for PEN type weapons.

- Adjust drag index on center rail with ECM pod or camera.

- Slight update on F-16 flight model (small leading-edge flag issue and F-16 block 40/42 weight adjusted).

- Added CBU-58/52 to center bay of B-52 (27 count).

- Fixed issue where F-117 would be tasked with no weapons on SEAD strikes.

- Fixed issue with some aircraft not being able to be destroyed (e.g. Mi-28, C-17, C-5, E-8).

- Fixed an issue where landing on an apron would destroy the aircraft (e.g. north-south airstrip).

- Fixed a issue where some aircraft would load a rocket launcher with no pylon.

- Raised canopy opening angle to 37 degrees for F-16s.


- Flights won't takeoff from destroyed aircraft carrier anymore. Squadrons with flights that were airborne are being relocated to a land-based airbase and continue to operate from there.

- Battalions planned to be stationary should do so more reliably.

- Stocks of fuel tanks added to some F-14 squadrons in Balkans.

- Fixed mission tasking on strike packages so escorts can be added by the ATO.

- On the campaign map, air-to-ground strike missions will now abort less frequently when under attack.

- Improved assigning of engineers to objectives.

- Engineer units now work more effectively, while adding some dynamics to repair times.

- Improved squadron relocation among allied teams.

- Fixed squadron relocation under some conditions.

- Fixed Balkans Powderkeg reporting stalemate without ending the campaign.

- Some other campaign triggers and report strings updated.

- JSTARS added to all Korean campaigns.

- Fixed some objective settings for Balkans campaigns.

- Fixed a couple of units in Korea Rolling Fire that were wrong type for team.

- Balkans PAKs adjusted.

- Names for batallions, brigades and naval units updated.

- 2005/2010 campaigns now have different reinforcement schedules to standard-timeframe campaigns.

- Adjusted some balancing for 2005/2010 campaigns.

- Addressed rare instances of the player aircraft colliding with another aircraft when the player moves from 2D to 3D when joining the flight already in the air.


- Fixed wrong TACAN channels on cockpit maps.

- Glance forward in 3D cockpit will now cover the whole RWR.

- Adjust 2D cockpit light level for NVG mode.

- Outside labels are no longer showing in front of the 3D cockpit.


- Floating buildings fixed.

- Give CBU-103/105 proper model/textures.

- Fixed self-illuminating light sources (like airbases) being darkened by cloud shadows.

- Outside labels are now translucent and fade with distance.


- Support for Hyperlobby added. The bandwidth is now set in the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT screen for Hyperlobby users.

- Commanding AI planes to turn on/off radar won't be automatically performed for human wingmen anymore.

- Fixed the black object textures for hosts re-entering the 3D world.

- Fix floating aircraft on the ground when several clients are connected.

- A few more fixes to the debrief.txt: show the correct aircraft type and list flight members in correct pilot slot order.

- All players can now hear ATC's Resume Own Navigation radio calls during climb-out.

- Fix wrong ATC voices being assigned to airbases.

- Sound loops fixed.

User Interface

- Allow assigning victory conditions on naval units by right clicking on a unit on the TE map editor.

- ACMI data processing progress now displayed on mission exit screen.

- Fix for dropped airmobile units not being controllable.

- Sometimes music would play at full volume returning to the UI after a multiplayer game, even when music volume was set to zero. This should now be fixed.

- Improved listing of rocket kills for mission debrief.


- Several more CTD fixes.


- New command line option "-print2file" will print briefing to Briefing.txt file instead of sending it to default printer.

- TrackIR can be initialized within 3d simulation in case you forget to start it before starting Falcon. Just ALT-TAB to Desktop, load TrackIR software, get back to Falcon and press ALT-C + T.

- Correctly load pilot/patch pictures in Targa (.TGA) format.

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