Falcon 4.0: Allied Force Patch v1.1.0

This is a significant patch for Allied Force, introducing...

Falcon 4.0: Allied Force Patch v1.1.0

This is a significant patch for Allied Force, introducing several new features such as multi-controller support and precision steerpoints using GPS co-ordinates for bombing runs. The patch improves every area of the simulation.




* The "Vector to Tanker" call now calls the closest tanker when the assigned one is too far away at the time of request.

* Fix SAM units being sometimes fixated on far away flights.

* "Vector to Package" now tells the vector to the next flight in the package (e.g. Escort) when player is lead in the first package flight.

* Increased lethality of enemy AI.

* Better energy management when entering merge of engagement.

* Fix MADDOG missiles not being recognized by the locked AI plane.


* Fix for A2G missiles with large blast radius exploding way up in the air.

* Fix for prioritizing best weapon regarding the R60 and R13m (e.g. MiG-21Mbis).

* Adjustment on letality of SA7, SA14, SA16, HN-5.

* Fix so R27RE and -TE aren't fired at extreme range, losing lock.


* Fixed an issue with Matra-530D missiles not showing on a Mirage 2000.

* Fixed an issue where MiG-21-93 had ghost R-13 missile in loadout screen.

* Fixed an issue with A-10 center hardpoint not showing both bombs loaded.

* Fixed an issue with sandbag revetment causing damage to aircraft. Also fixed an issue to make the three-sandbag revetments usable next to depot at some airbases.

* Fix the wingman facing your way at Seosan airbase, taking off in TAXI mode.


* Added EF-18G Growler to Tactical Engagement and Campaign for manual tasking.

* For Korea: Iron Fortress, make Russia and China entering the war more probable.

* Slight increase of aircraft per squadron count when each side enters the war, especially Russia and China in 2005+ campaigns.

* Increase of manpads available in the SAM AD units.


* Fixed too large AOA bracket on Head Up Display.

* Fixed jumping CCRP release cue in GMT radar mode.

o Remark: the cue can still "jump" by a specific amount, as the cue shows a lead on moving vehicles - when they change heading, the cue "jumps".

* Fixed position of RWR symbols in 3D cockpit.

* Fix RWR contacs being displayed white in 3D cockpit when HSD is the SOI.

* Correct HUD/MFD text alignment and position in 3d cockpit.

* Adjusted Simple avionics HUD/MFD text position as well.

* Fixed DED position in 3D cockpit.

* Fix for the famous MARK point bug.

* Display HUD numbers < 10 with a leading 0.


* Enhanced night-lighting of airbases and a few other objects.

o Fixed issue with runway and taxi-signs so they show at night.

o Added point lighting to water tower and some bridges.

o Raised visibility range for VASI lights at night.

o Fixed some texture issues on hangars at night.

o New nosewheel spotlight for F-16.

* Fixed an issue with some small bridges disappearing after being destroyed.

* Fixed some issues with runways and taxiways so they match better at all distances.


* While waiting for others to join in Dogfight, a flashing "PLEASE WAIT" message will appear on screen.

o When being the only one left in 3D world, a message saying so appears instead.

* Send weather information now to other clients in dogfight games.


* Correct country flags in all modes and theaters.

o Remark: for old campaign save files, NATO and SLOVENIAN flags may still show mixed up in the OOB window. This should not happen anymore for new campaign save files.


* Workaround for Geforce 8800GTX hang in pie screen.


* Fix the need to hold down Shift+N (SimCursorEnable) to switch the AIM-120 avionics to BORE mode.

o Using the keyboard, it is now a toggle function, with a mapping to the joystick, the joystick button still has to be held.

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