Hidden & Dangerous v1.3

Upgrades Hidden & Dangerous to version 1.3...

Hidden & Dangerous v1.3

Upgrades Hidden & Dangerous to version 1.3. Puts in fixes to AI, vehicles, hardware, and more. See "more info" for a list.


-Improved AI of allied soldiers. Status: Improved Follow mode, Move on command and overall AI of allied soldiers.

-Improved AI of enemy soldiers. Status: Improved covering after being shot. Walking by preprogramed path. Smarter grenade throwing. Overall enemy intelligence improved.

-Killing by the knife through the wall. Status: Fixed.

-Vehicles. Status: Vehicles sky launch bug fixed.

Vehicles falling under terrain fixed.

-Hardware fixes. Status: PIII compatibility promblem fixed. Running HD on low memory cards improved.

Top 3 Hidden & Dangerous v1.3 Alternatives

Hidden and Dangerous US v1.1

Fixes a number of problems, see "More Info" for a list...

Hidden & Dangerous v1.3

This patch upgrades Hidden & Dangerous to version 1.3...

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