Hidden & Dangerous v1.3

This patch upgrades Hidden & Dangerous to version 1.3...

Hidden & Dangerous v1.3

This patch upgrades Hidden & Dangerous to version 1.3. This adds improved AI of allied and enemy soldiers plus a number of other cool features. See more info for details.

Hidden and Dangerous patch version 1.3


1. Improved AI of allied soldiers.

Status: Improved Follow mode, Move on command and overall AI of allied soldiers.

2. Improved AI of enemy soldiers.

Status: Improved covering after being shot. Walking by preprogramed path.

Smarter grenade throwing. Overall enemy intelligence improved.

3. Killing by the knife through the wall.

Status: Fixed.

4. Vehicles.

Status: Vehicles sky launch bug fixed. Vehicles falling under terrain fixed.

5. Hardware fixes.

Status: PIII compatibility promblem fixed. Running HD on low memmory

cards improved.

Please note: If you are experiencing display or other problems, we recommend

that you check that you have the latest drivers installed for the hardware

in your PC, these should be available to download from the web sites of the

manufactures of your hardware.

Top 3 Hidden & Dangerous v1.3 Alternatives

Hidden and Dangerous US v1.1

Fixes a number of problems, see "More Info" for a list...

Hidden & Dangerous v1.3

Upgrades Hidden & Dangerous to version 1.3...

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