Ultima IX Dialogue Patch

This unofficial patch replaces everything written: the...

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Ultima IX Dialogue Patch

This unofficial patch replaces everything written: the dialogue, the books, the journal, signs, tombstones etc. The dialogues become deeper, holes in the plot have been filled (How did the companions return from Serpent Isle?), and in some cases plot elements have been changed or added. It also offers you the ability to name your Avatar. Full credits in more info.

How to install the patch:

1) To play the Dialogue Patch you need an original copy of Ultima IX. Install the game and open the /static directory in your Ultima IX folder. Copy the following files into the /static directory (e.g. c:\ultima9\static), replacing the files installed off of the U9 CD:

- the text.flx

- one of the two books-en.flx („book“ just contains the patched books, „book&economy“ also includes Novum‘s economy patch; be sure to rename the file to books-en.flx after copying it to the /static directory)

- the typename.flx

2) Extract TumbleWeed’s Ultima IX name program (2 files, u9name.exe and u9name.ini) into the Ultima IX folder (e.g. c:\ultima9) and launch it. The program will ask you to select the name of your Avatar and configure your options.ini, preparing the program for the patch. If you later wish to rename your character, you will have to recopy the text.flx file into the /static directory, then run u9name.exe again.

(Note: u9name.exe modifies the options.ini file to turn off the in-game speech and turn on the text; no other changes are made, and these changes can be reset within the game, though they are necessary to play the patch)

3) Launch Ultima IX: Ascension


Grandor Dragon: Story, Dialogue, Books

Maigo Dragon: Testing, Journal, Additional Dialogue

Evil_Freak Dragon: Testing

TumbleWeed: File Editors

Additional books written by: The Keeper of the Certhas Iaur Minas, Maigo Dragon, Evil_Freak Dragon, Avatus, Bedwyr

Additional Testing: Tiberius Moongazer

*It is important to say that within the core team of, Maigo, Evil_Freak and myself everyone worked on all aspects of the project. So the credits alone can’t properly describe what has been done.

We would like to thank:

Richard Garriott, Warren Spector, Origin and everyone who has ever worked on an Ultima, Novum, the Horizons Tavern, Wayward Avatar, The Ultima Dungeon, The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter, The Coca-Cola Company, the Send Button, and our girlfriends for their patience.

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