Ultima IX: Ascension v1.05F

This patch addresses various video issues, as well as a long...

Ultima IX: Ascension v1.05F

This patch addresses various video issues, as well as a long list of other problems. Check out "more info" for a full list.

Additional Notes:

- If you find you get stuck after casting a spell, hit the ESC key.

The spell has probably not found a target and is waiting in spell

targeting mode.

- If you pressed Alt-Tab while in the game it could crash on

some systems. Alt-Tab has been locked out. However, on occasion

it will still cause a crash. We recommend that you do not run

any other programs while running Ultima IX.

- If you have Norton Utilities and uninstall Ultima IX: Ascension,

make sure you right click on your Recycle Bin and select

Empty Norton Protected Files to free up the space on your hard

drive as Norton makes a backup of any deleted files.

What is Fixed in the Patch (1.05f):

- Further optimization of the Direct3D support.

- Fixed an issue where the Detonator 3.53 drivers were not

working properly with the game.

- Addressed a problem with the Riva 128 and Intel I740 with

certain drivers and DirectX 7.

- At times, monsters would not be properly hostile to the Avatar.

Many of these situations have been addressed.

- There was an issue where the fire arrows would not fire when

using the most common oil flasks in the game.

- If you had your bow drawn and then opened your backpack, the arrow

count would read 1, regardless of the actual count.

- If you jumped in water twice in specific situations would cause

the Avatar to lock up. This is fixed.

- The zoom reset key (ctrl-insert) has been fixed.

- Addressed a crash that can occur if you save the game while

poisoned then load that game and try to continue.

- If you place an item between the compass and backpack the game

would sometimes crash.

- When manipulating bags there was a random lockup that could occur.

- If you dragged a bag while the bag gump was open you could have

interface troubles. This was addressed.

- Fixed an issue if the Spellbook was placed in a bag, it was not

being added to the interface.

- The duration of spells (which have a duration) cast from scrolls

has been increased.

- The Day spell has been adjusted so that it will not

temporarily blink out in certain situations.

- The Time Stop spell mana drain has been increased dramatically

to reduce the balance issues generated by the spell.

- Fixed a problem where you could manipulate some items while in

the Wizard Eye view.

- Fixed a problem where linear spells cost mana if you have the

Arms of the Magi on.

- Arms of the Magi will check to see you have enough mana based

upon the reduced spell cost rather than the standard spell cost.

- Addressed a balance issue where you could cast spells while the

backpack was open. By design, monsters are non-hostile when a

container gump (backpack, bag) is open meaning they had no

way to respond to your spell/attack. Now when you cast a

spell while the backpack or bag is open, they will be closed

so the monsters may respond. Additionally, quick targeting

is now disabled when the backpack or bag is open.

- Fixed an issue where Rupert the blacksmith (in Trinsic) would

not always recognize that you had blackrock and thus will not

make a Blackrock sword for you.

- We found and fixed several areas where Raven would provide

incorrect conversation options.

- Added an option to have Raxos give you the key to Nico's cell

after the Shrine of Sacrifice is cleansed. You no longer have

to kill the repentant man to free Nico.

- You no longer have the option to ask Lord British about the

shortcut to Yew once he has shown it to you.

- The speech for the two drinking skeletons near Britain is

now playing (the text was only displaying before).

- Eustus would not speak to you if you clicked on him. Thus you

had to walk away and approach again if you did not answer his

questions. Note: he still no longer has anything to say once

you have received the Quill of Justice. This is as we

designed it.

- Fixed a few areas that were not playing the correct city music.

- The text for the Blackthorn note was too long for the scroll

it was on and thus you could not read the entire thing. The scroll

has been extended.

- Groldek (the evil Archmage in Serpent's Hold) was not casting his

spells correctly and would try to walk forward off his platform.

He now cast the proper spells and stays put.

- Addressed an issue where two characters would rush each other in

an in-game cinematic (while using their magic). They now stand


- Fixed a problem in Despise where you would get a Karma hit even

if you saved Thadious (should only do so if you let him die).

- Fixed a problem with the blacksmiths where they were not offering

any money for the blackrock sword.

- Fixed some incorrect labels in the Minoc vendors (e.g. said

"Dozen Oil Flasks" when it would only sell you one.)

- Fixed a problem in the Abyss where the fireballs would be left

behind in the hall, preventing progress later.

- There were times when the small rowboat that sailed you to the

secret entrance of Wrong would not show up. Made this more


- Fixed an issue where the secret cave from Buccaneer's Den to

New Magincia would open the false path when you tried

to travel from Buccaneer's Den a second time.

- There was a point northwest of Yew that would sometimes get

stuck repeating the same sound over and over. This has been


There are a few items that will only be reflected if you

install the patch before you reach a certain point in the game.

Note that these fixes are less critical to your gaming

enjoyment (the game still works, we just improved upon a few

things) and you are not required to start over. The patch

will still fix the issues listed above regardless of how much

you've played.

- Made the trigger bricks in Wrong easier to see. If you

install the patch before entering the prison of Wrong you

will see this change.

- In the Terfin dungeon the game would sometimes crash

if you placed all of the black gate pieces in the circle

too quickly. Cleaned this up so it works properly in

all situations. If you install the patch before you enter

the Terfin dungeon you will see this change.

- Created a way for you to keep the Mage Shield once you've

found it. If you install the patch before you arrive in

Britannia you will see this change.

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