Torchlight - Yikon's Palace Mod

The Elemental Lord Yirkon is becoming stronger, are you...

  • Category Action RPG
  • Size 4.1 MB
  • Program by geosmores

Torchlight - Yikon's Palace Mod

The Elemental Lord Yirkon is becoming stronger, are you brave enough to rid the lands of his Evil. Only the bravest can venture into his palace and finally his sanctuary to destroy Yirkon.

Features 2 level dungeon

5 new standard palace map chunks that will rotate into normal play. Maps have quest nodes for monsters and items.

1 Boss map

New map available for purchase to transport to dungeon

New floor trap

New electric gates

New palace monster portal

New standard and champion spawn classes

4 New champions

1 New boss with special encounter

New destructible crystals

New Music by Ic3m4n

There are a number of levers in the dungeon, some of them will be none selectable. They are there when needed for either dying beyond a newly closed gate or when the map appears randomly in reverse play.

Install Yirkon's Palace directory into your mod directory

place a the file 295031_216_4Torchlight_.ogg in the music directory of your installed game.

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