Torchlight - Goblin Stronghold Mod v1.05

With the defeat of the Goblin Gate Commander, many goblins...

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Torchlight - Goblin Stronghold Mod v1.05

With the defeat of the Goblin Gate Commander, many goblins have fled to the safety of the stronghold. Those that have dared to go further than the Courtyard have paid the price for their cowardice. The Taskmaster has projected his image at the entrance and continues to annihilate anyone who attempts to enter the Stronghold. However, while projecting his image from elsewhere, he is immobile, vulnerable and less powerful in the flesh.

v1.05 contains the first 2 levels, Gate, and Courtyard. More to come

~~~Version Changes~~~

v1.05: HOTFIX

*Renamed all levels and redirected portals accordingly. Did this to ensure everyone gets a fresh start. When updating please make sure you move your character to town first, then DELETE any older version before installing.




* New map! The second level of the Goblin Stronghold Campaign. Beat the Gate level to move on to this one.


* Fixed various line of sight issues that were present for ranged classes.

* Fixed respawn point so that resurrecting on the level does not reset the event.

* Tuned the event down for Hard and Very Hard players, as well as for a performance increase. (Slightly less mobs per wave, and new waves will not trigger until all mobs from the previous wave are dead. In some cases less than all.)

* New boss! The Taskmaster




* Fixed event breaking on level exit (no seriously). Now there is a trigger sphere located under the Exit/Entrance portal that will reset the entire event if you so much as walk on top of it. It is set to despawn every mob on the map as well. Also in the interest of hindering workarounds, town portal can no longer be cast on the map.

* Goblin Gate Commander will now despawn all remaining monsters on the map upon death, as well as disable the map's reset functionality (see above).

* Horn set to go off after every wave and can be heard anywhere on the map.




* Removed a reset lever that I usually only leave in for my testers. Oops...




* Fixed event breaking on level exit. Now if you leave and come back to the Gate level from town, the whole level and event resets. (If you die and respawn in town, you must do the event over. This is how I originally intended it to function)

* Added exit to Courtyard. Activated when the Gate Commander is killed. (Courtyard is currently a placeholder map)

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