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Tile Blazer

Cute, fun and very amuzing, listen to your character shout...

Publisher: DX-Creator 


WordZap is a fast-paced addictive word game you can play...

Publisher: MICA 

Rocket Mania Deluxe Trial Client

Can you become master of pyrotechnics? Test your skills with...

Publisher: PopCap Games 

Tetrinet v1.13

Publisher: Pulper 

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Patch v1.01

Infinite Interactive has released a v1.01 patch for the PC...

Publisher: D3 Publisher 

Puzzle Inlay Demo

Inlay pictures with gems...


Shanghai: Second Dynasty

Shanghai: Second Dynasty extends its tile-matching puzzle...

Publisher: Activision 

Hangman The Wild West II

Hangman The Wild West II is a new twist of the popular...


Crystal Maze

You have to help Worlin, the hero of this game to procure...