Zuma Deluxe - Homer Patch v1.3

Turns the frog into Homer Simpson...

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Zuma Deluxe - Homer Patch v1.3

Turns the frog into Homer Simpson. This download has additonal support for different Zuma versions and variations, other minor fixes, and small changes in visual elements.

Homer Patch for Zuma - v1.3


>> Homer Patch is a modification for Zuma Deluxe. Basically, it turns the frog into Homer Simpson. It will replace all occurences of the frog character with Homer and make a few other visual changes. Besides images, it will also 'homerize' some sounds and, if your Zuma version supports it, some text (read below for more info on that one). I personally find the game more fun with Homer Patch (I'm a Simpsons fan, though). Give it a try. A backup will be created during installation, so if you decide you prefer the original Zuma feel, simply run the installer again. It will detect the backup and offer you to restore the game.

>> The word 'patch' tends to bring up caution in people who tend to deal with patches so know that Homer Patch installer is safe. It can't mess up the game. It contains no malware/spyware/adware and those kind of feces. It doesn't write anything outside your Zuma folder, writes nothing to registry and doesn't use your internet connection. All changes made by it are reversible. Even if you delete the installer (which is also uninstaller), restoration can still be done manually (just look for 'HomerPatchBackup' inside your Zuma installation folder).

>> Homer Patch is freeware. If you like it, you can pay me by telling other zumers about it. If you wish to give me some feedback, the address is [email protected]

Changes in version 1.3:


Most important:


- Zuma is one of those games with one father and many mothers. Non-metaphorically speaking, there is a single game core but different companies make their own software wraps for it and then sell it. Homer Patch supported only two such distributions, thus, many people who tried it were disappointed to find it doesn't work. This version brings significantly extended support for various distribution versions of Zuma (I'm not saying you won't be disappointed anyway :D). Presently (May 2008), all available Zuma downloads are fine.

Q: How will I know if my Zuma version is supported?

A: Simply run the installer. It will tell you right away if it isn't. If you see the welcome screen, it means that it's supported.

Q: Liar! It starts fine but when patching Zuma.exe, it says "No CRC match: unsupported file version".

A: This is likely to happen and is not considered a failure. That is why "No CRC match" is followed by "Never mind". Most Zuma variations have packed executables. Not to go into technicalities, including the patches for such exes would make Homer Patch installer a much larger file. Since the sole purpose of patching Zuma.exe is to change some occasional in-game text which has minimal impact on game experience (after some stages Zuma rambles something and the frog mostly goes "Ribbit"), I decided it wouldn't be worth it.



- New/fixed: Added an appropriate replacement for the frog's hat which appears on main screen after Sun God status is reached in Gauntlet mode. This looked real bad but I couldn't have realized it before I had played and finished the Gauntlet mode.

- Changed: Remaining lives indicators are sprinkled donuts now (instead of Homer's heads)



- Fixed: Visual elements are now correctly adjusted when running on systems with non-default dpi. No more unscaled images and cut-off text.

- Various minor changes and improvements

- Compiled with NSIS 2.37

Sincerely yours,

aerDNA (some guy from Croatia)

P.S. The installer itself has some sound effects, so turn your speakers on before patching.

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