Dancing Baby II Screensaver

This is the second saver in the series which displays the


Strat Wars v0.5 screensaver

OpenGL space combat screensaver

Publisher: Strati D. Zerbinis 

Nebula Screensaver

This screen saver is very small and very fast

Publisher: Steve Wortham 

Gold Lace Screen Saver

The screensaver generates spectacular abstract images which

Publisher: S. Pronin 


This screensaver looks really cool on a fast computer

Publisher: Leading Interactive 

Drunken Clock Screensaver

Drunken Clock it is skinnable analog clock, which randomly

Publisher: Michael Sablin 

DNA Screen Saver

A simple screen saver, which spins the DNA molecule


3aline Screen Saver

3aline is a Windows 95/98/NT screensaver which uses 3D

Publisher: Seraline 

Radeon DX9 Moebius Screensaver

This familiar image has been brought up to date in this

Publisher: ATI 

AlteredSaver v2.2 - SaverGame Demo Release!

Combination 3D game and screen saver that includes SIX award

Publisher: AlteredWorlds