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Hermit Lite Apps Browser 21.1.1

Advanced Web Browser for Power Users, optimized for Lite Apps & Privacy

Publisher: Chimbori 

Lynket 2.1.3

A mobile-first browser using the Custom Tab protocol.

Publisher: Arunkumar 

Flyperlink 1.42.RC1

Let fly the link.

Publisher: Flyperinc 

Krypton Anonymous Browser 108-936

A completely anonymous browser.

Publisher: Kr36 LLC 

Pyrope Browser 42.0.2311.4385

Pyrope – the gem of web browsers for Android

Publisher: Ninnix 


The smallest and fatest browser for android offers you much security and privacy

Publisher: Joydream 

TugaBrowser 53.0.2785.2544090

Publisher: danieldmm 

Adblock Plus 1.3

Publisher: Adblock Plus 

Onavo Extend Data Savings 2.0-2ex

Get more out of your mobile data without changing the way you use your Android.

Publisher: Onavo 

Firefox Lite 2.6.2(20653)

Non-profit backed browser

Publisher: Mozilla