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Mola Browser 1.10.11

Cut your time spent browsing the internet on your mobile device in half

Publisher: IPCS 

Adblock Browser 1.4.0

Helps to block pesky ads while on mobile devices

Publisher: eyeo GmbH 

Now Browser Material

A fast, minimalistic and easy-to-understand web browser

Publisher: Lorenzo Zanotto 

My Internet 7.10

A simple password private protected Incognito Browsingand fully hidden

Publisher: Visvanoid 

History Eraser 6.3.10

Popular & Powerful tool for Erase History on your devices!

Publisher: INFOLIFE LLC 

Opera Browser - News and Search 37.22.2192.111622

Read the latest news, search and surf the web in the best browser for Android

Publisher: Opera 

Webmaster's HTML Editor 1.7.2

Edit HTML files for accuracy before saving or sending

Publisher: Welant.com 

Javelin Browser 4.1.12

Incognito browser to conceal your internet history

Publisher: Steven Goh 

Boat Browser 8.7.8

A simple and lightweight browser for Android that allows floating tabs for added ease of use

Publisher: Digital Life International 

Cosmos Browser 1.2

Browse the Internet through SMS text messages rather than using WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity options

Publisher: Cosmos Browser