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StarTopia v1.0.1b Patch
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Description: StarTopia v1.0.1b Patch

This is a great patch for StarTopia bringing the 1.0.1 version of your game to v1.0.1b. See more info for all the tons of stuff included.

Patch Highlights

A full list of changes is below, but these are the highlights:
New features:

Take screenshots: Enable it by holding down F11 and typing SHOT then toggle screenshot-capture using Scroll Lock (ie press once to start taking screenshots, press again to stop, so you can record entire "movies" if you have enough disk space). Shots are saved to a folder C:\Station\Shots which will be created if it doesn't exist.
Invert mouse and mouse sensitivity sliders in the options screens -- drag the sensitivity slider to negative to invert the mouse.
"WASD" controls for those of you raised on first-person shooters
Peep Management Screen - double-click a type of peep, eg Gor, to view only Gors (turns off all the other races)
Peeps can now fall unconscious in bars
"Easy" and "Hard" Economy modes
"Timed" SandBox mode
Improved support for making your own levels
Also, several crash-to-desktop bugs have been fixed.


Changes in this patch:
NEW: Multimonitor support (new "device" box in the Video options screen)
NEW: Mouse sensitivity slider
NEW: Mouse invert option
FIX: Expanded CardID.tom support for certain video cards
NEW: Scroll-lock screeenshot option (F11+SHOT enables it)
NEW: WASD cursor control. NOTE! It is always WASD - wherever those keys happen to be on your keyboard!
NEW: FPS display (F11+SHOWFPS toggles on/off)
NEW: Peep management screen, double-click one of the monitors to select that race, and deselect all other races. (handy if you know you want a gor for example)
NEW: If you build furniture in a room, and you have a furniture plan crate containing the same item, it will use that instead, and not charge you. If you change your mind, that piece of furniture will turn back into a crate and be dumped somewhere along the edge of the room
FIX: Patternbuffer CTD bug fixed
NEW: sandbox option, for the amount of win conditions that have to be met in order to win
FIX: peeps paying for bars
NEW: peers getting drunk in bars
FIX: skrashers getting stuck in temples
FIX: Dinomats carry 30 servings rather than 50.
FIX: Room charges tweaked
FIX: Recycling reduced from 50% to 25% of default item value.
FIX: Scuzzers recharge cost increased from 100 to 200.
FIX: Flares now available more than once for clients/AI in sandbox.
FIX: AI accepting comsemsor messages without comsensors fixed.
NEW: Added 'Easy' Economy mode.
NEW: Added 'Hard' Economy mode.
NEW: Added 'Number of Win Conditions' mode.
NEW: energy indicator now shows debts (in flashing blue)
NEW: timer sandbox option
FIX: multiplayer protocol changes to improve client responsiveness
FIX: dead players no longer displayed in auction panel
NEW: version numbers displayed next to listed gamespy games when possible
NEW: Tab-RShift / Tab-LShift page through scripting errors, script variables and peep overhead stats (see script guide for details and the password to enable it)
FIX: researchy bias added to AIs when score or research win criteria active
FIX: expansion bias added to AIs when territory win criterion active
FIX: for permanently visible empty trader panel
NEW: player icon on trader panel now toggles trade assistance on/off
FIX: residents trapped in enemy segs not fired, just hidden in peep management screen
NEW: host migration across multiplayer saves
NEW: "User Missions" option in front-end


User Missions
To create your own missions for Startopia, you will need to go into the StarTopia "Missions" folder and create a new folder there with the name of your mission. Then you will need to create several text files inside the folder containing scripts, trading data and so on. For the full details on how to do this, go to the StarTopia "Modding" FAQ on our website, read it, and fetch the "Mod Guide" that's linked to from the FAQ, which contains the complete Modding reference. and follow the instructions listed under "Patched Version".

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