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Fallout 3 - EVE Energy Visuals Enhanced
WJS and Cipscis
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Description: Fallout 3 - EVE Energy Visuals Enhanced

Improves energy signatures and behavior for a grand and exciting.

Author: WJS and Cipscis
Version: 0.9.5
Date: 11/4/2009
Cateogry: Pure awesomeness
Link: weilder of the Triforce

A big thanks to all of you that voted this as File of the Month for August!


This mod will make you start using energy weapons. If you already are a fan, then try not to mess your trousers. To start with, EVE introduces:
# TWENTY-FIVE new custom animated "Critical Kills" for laser/plasma/pulse
# ALL new custom muzzleflashes for all laser/plasma/pulse
# ALL new custom enhanced projectiles for all laser/plasma/pulse
# ALL new realistic animated impacts for all laser/plasma/pulse
# ALL new high-quality textures for all laser/plasma/pulse
# ALL new sounds for laser/plasma/pulse/robots (ALL energy weps in FO3)
# NEW custom explosions for Plasma/pulse Grenade/Mine
# New "Crit hit effects" for laser/plasma
# New customized meshes for laser/plasma/pulse
# All "unique" unergy weapon variants are now overhauled "Classic Fallout" weapons!
* New awesome model for Pulse grenades (thrown)
* New mesh for Pulse Mines!
# Pulse weaponry introduced to FO3 (all aspects: sounds, impacts, ect.)
# Outcast's "Shredder" grenade introduced to FO3


If you don't want a "spoiler" to ruin the experience of discovery, skip this large block of text:

* currently 25 new custom animated crit kills for laser/plasma/pulse. Some are specific to headshots/humans/outdoors. Some laser deaths will ignite the target. Some plasma deaths will inflict an "acid" affect. Pulse deaths do everything from implode, to levitate, to atomize, to calling forth the wrath of Atom.
* ALL laser weapons fire beams that are visually appropriate for their strength. Meaning that weak/quick lasers fire thin very red beams. Mid-strength lasers fire mid-sized reddish beams. Strong lasers fire an animated red beam with a white-hot core.
* ALL laser/plasma weapons have their own unique firing sound. Sounds are appropriate to the strength of the weapon. (example laser pistol compared to Protectrons Gaze / Alien Blaster compared to Firelance)
* ALL laser/plasma/pulse weapons have their own unique "no ammo/clip empty" sound!!
* ALL laser/plasma/pulse weapons have animated impact visuals. Energy weapons no longer leave an immersion killing "0.1sec generic DukeNukem3D flash."
* ALL laser/plasma/pulse weapons have a special visual effect when a non-robot is shot. A non-robot victim shot by a laser/plasma wep will emit particles/wisps.
* ALL laser/plasma weapons have a unique visual effect when a robot is shot. The robot will have a unique short-circuiting sound and visually begin sparking.
* ALL robots fire laser beams that are visually appropriate for their laser's strength. Weak/Med/strong
* ALL robots have their own unique laser firing sound. Weak/Med/Strong/Hand/Head
* ALL laser/plasma/pulse weapons have great new custom muzzleflashes. Muzzle flashes are no longer generica FO3. Each energy weapon has its own custom designed muzzleflash.
* Plasma Projectiles have a "whiz/passby" sound when someone nearly misses you (seems this one doesn't play too reguraly for some reason)
* Laser/Plasma/Pulse have their own unique impact decals. Plasma shots leave a burned hole, lasers leave a super heated spot, and pulse leaves a charred mark.
* Plasma Grenade/Mine have a new improved awesome Plasma Explosion. Plasma explosions now show a large shrinking energy orb, and emit a bunch of burning plasma entities.
* Laser Gatlings backpack pulses with energy. Like most weapon meshes in EVE, the "glow" is actually animated to "pulse" at a pattern.
* Laser Pistol has 3 versions of animated FX meshes to choose from. (Check the data/meshes/weapons/ folder)
* Laser Rifle has 2 versions of animated FX meshes to choose from(Check the data/meshes/weapons/ folder)
* Plasma Rifle has 3 versions of animated FX meshes to choose from(Check the data/meshes/weapons/ folder)
* A3-21's Plasma Rifle is now an awesomefied P94 Plasma Rifle
* Smuggler's End laser pistol is now an enhanced Wattz Laser Pistol
* Protectron's Gaze is now the Wattz Magneto Laser Pistol
* Vengence is now the H&K L30 Gatling Laser
* Wazer Wifle is now the classic FO weapon Wattz 2000 Extended Cap
* New sound for Laser Rifles
* Laser critical hit to the head blinds enemy (and you)
* Plasma/Pulse Critical Hit causes "burn" damage for few seconds
* Pulse weapons in roughly 12 locations throughout FO3
* Outcast's have their own unique weapon called "Shredder grenades". Shredder grenade is a laser emitting bomb that continuously fires off multiple high-powered laser shots until it self-destructs.
* Strong lasers will leave a special impact that visually shows a thin black animated smolder.
* Some deaths by Pulse firearms will leave a new smoldering black ashpile. (The contents of which are based off your character's LUCK)


Brain, and basic mouse & knowledge
FOSE is NOT needed! (surprising yeah?)
FOMM is suggested, though not required
If you are not using FOMM, then ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated would help you get this mod working.


Listen CLOSELY so you dont get (!), red triangles, missing textures, or lose your wallet.
1.) UNZIP (the file, NOT ur pants!)
2.) Put the folders in this Data folder into YOUR data folder and overwrite!
3.) Open FOMM or something and check the EVE beta.esp
4.) Play Fallout 3 and witness energy weapons as they should've been.


I still maintain, you'd uninstall your sac before you uninstall this mod.

However, should you choose to change a mesh or texture with one from another mod, simply locate the weapon's mesh/texture in your data folder, and overwrite EVE's with the one of the same name from another mod. Simple, but foolhearty.


Any other mod that modifies energy weapons.
Mods that change energy weapons "critical death fx" shouldnt be used with EVE, as that is the main focus of EVE, and which EVE already does so well.
If you are using FOOK 1.6, WHY? Go get FOOK2, it already contains EVE.
I'm told UWWUT probably won't work well with this.
you can use EVE and WMK at the same time. You will NOT get game freezes or CTD.
However, when you upgrade a weapon with a weapon mod kit in game, you'll no longer see the textures/mesh from EVE, as it will revert to the WMK model/texture! EVE IS PLAYABLE with WMK simultaneously with no reported "issues" aside from WMK's mesh/texture override.
It is also noted that mixing pineapple beer with EVE has produced various results.


(you've been warned. so pls dont bombard me with PM's or screenshots of the aforementioned issue)
Nvidia graphics cards BEFORE the "8000" series are the main problem.
Also, Nvidia released a new batch of drivers for MANY video cards. The new driver claims: "14% improved performance for Fallout3". That's a load. Seriously, you won't notice any performance increase, but you WILL notice the "Nvidia black square bug" most likely. I do not recommend that new driver of theirs.

On my own end, I am doing all that i can to "update tangent spaces" on all EVE meshes, and alter the "source alpha" of EVE shaders so I can help to counteract against the Nvidia black square bug.

If your Geforce is of the 8000 series or newer, you should be fine :) (ATI users. . . keep on, keeping on. . )

A Feral Ghoul reported EVE did not work for him. It was later discovered that it was due simply to the fact he'd eaten half of his keyboard.


1368 A.D. - Ming Dynasty begins.
1644 A.D. - Ming Dynasty ends.
1/10/2009, 11:40pm - Weijiesen Dynasty begins.
After releasing "Laser Visuals Enhanced", I noticed plasma weapons sucked too.
After starting "Plasma Visuals Enhanced", I noticed ALL energy weapons sucked, and everything about them. Thus, "Energy Visuals Enhanced" is born.
Today - You started reading this sentance. . . and finished it.


Please use this Nexus just for comments and ratings.
for technical support, questions, or suggestions please use: http://www.fookunity.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=95
Of course you can PM me here on Nexus if it is something quick, and dont forget you can contact Cipscis the co-author.
* ALSO next to the "comments" tab you will find the "Discussion" tab, feel free to use that.

Recommended Mods:

#1 Starting Energy Weapon: Start with a laser pistol instead of 10mm!
If you want to build a character that specializes in Energy Weapons, this one's for you!, Why wait so long until getting an energy wep?
This mod also modifies the inventory of the two guards at the entrance in the Vault 101 Atrium. One of them now has equipped a Laser Pistol along with a few ammo for it. It also replaces the 10mm ammo from two containers in the intro.

#2 Destroyable Environments <--- File of the Month October!
Why use EVE's powerful new beams and impacts if you can't even scratch the paint? With this mod you'll be wastin' the wasteland like you never thought possible.
User 'SP' has put much time, talent, and dedication to this. While EVE visually makes your weapons more destructive, Destroyable Environments actually allows you to be the vandal we always knew you were on the inside.

Cipscis' Automatic Save Manager
Manages your save files by replacing Fallout 3's saving system so that you no longer have to rely on only a single autosave or quicksave to fall back on. CASM creates saves in three ways:
- Automatically after a certain length of time
- Automatically after certain events
- Manually with the F4 key

#4 Arwen's Realism Tweaks
Makes the game play much more realistic, more challenging, and more balanced! If you are looking for a "tweak" mod thats FULLY compatible with EVE and compliments this mod well, here it is! This mod may appear tiny, but it is a powerful sucker that gets the job done! It not only tweaks weapons, but gameplay, armor, and enemy AI as well. I personally keep this mod in my load order at all times.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for ReadMe Generator this readme is based on.
Cipscis = Script assistance and too many other things to fill this readme with. EVE couldn't have reached this level of awesomeness without ya!
HugePinball = Providing me with the best mod testing utility, loads of suggestions, fresh baked cookies, making EVE videos, and more.
MacroTM/Dukeman = for their ESSENTIAL and thorough testing, and screenshots.
LordSimpson = His eagerness. oh his testing too. and support.
Ariel Chai = the great plasma gun resorce model!
DariusKootz = some new sounds have come from his "sound compilation" mod, check it out! (all original author rights are maintained and acknowledged via this mod in conjunction with the Sound Compilation mod refered to herein.)
JoeFoxx = your Wattz laser pistol mesh buddy
Xporc = assisting to fix Laser Blindness
DaiShi = his original model for H&Kl30
Voiddweller = his original pulse mesh was used as the basis. thanks
BigKid7834 = Donating his cool custom ISM's for the plasma blindness, also showing me my script errors, however often I make them.
YourEvilTwin = for taking the time and effort to begin creating "EWE" Energy Weapons Enhanced. The official expanded version of EVE
Myself = All the awesome custom visuals you dummy! muzzleflashes, shaders, projectiles, impacts. All the awesome textures too! The visual FX of the A3-21. . The new laser gun meshes with animated FX. Checking/replying to your waves of emails. Original concept. This readme. Being awesome. and more!


Modders, I suggest you visit www.cipscis.com

http://www.zazzle.com/fallout+3+hats <-- awesome fallout hats!

http://bethblog.com/index.php/2009/08/24/modding-interview-cipscis/#more-4905 <--- Bethesda blog interviews Cipscis!

Tools Used:

Nifskope (the most)
GECK (2nd)
Photoshop CS3
Nvidia BlendViewGUI (awesome)
Corel VideoStudio
Fallout 3 ReadMe Generator
and a single Binford 00262-21l S.A.E. size 15/16" Socket Wrench


By all means if you would like to use any of the assets in EVE, simply contact me to tell me your intention, and make sure to make mention the author (probably myself, Wei Jie Sen) of said asset somewhere in the "Credits" section of your mod.
However if you'd like to modify/adjust/tweak EVE to your own liking to keep on your own computer (unreleased), you needn't inform me of such things (as long as its not distributed.) Happy modding!


EVE 0.9.5 uploaded November 6th 2009

EVE Beta 0.9.5 Updates:

* Pulse Pistol now added to the FO3 wasteland. Found in roughly 12 locations and currently sports 10 critical kill effects to be seen.
* Shredder Grenade added. Tech is unique to Outcasts. Can be obtained through Protector Casdin, or found at some Outcast related places.
* Plasma Explosions Leave plasma entities
* Strong laser shots leave a rising black smolder wisp at point of impact
* Pulse Grenades when thrown now open up to reveal an animated electric energy core that emits a glow aura
* Pulse Mines have a new mesh with FX
* Source Alpha on shaders and Tangent spaces on meshes updated to help prevent Nvidia's "black square bug" in Fallout3.
* Added small flame particle emitters to laser deaths: Ashes to ashes, Meteor, Disintigration, Flashfry, and 3rd Degree
* Added small green wisp emitter to death: Final Fizz, and Pimple
* Added large flame emitter to death: Flashfry
* Added refract shockwave to deths: Flashry, pimple, meteor
* Created a new dust/cinder emitter for all laser deaths
* Added new spark emitter for all pulse deaths

EVE 0.9.4 uploaded October 10th 2009

EVE Beta 0.9.4 Updates:

* Vengence is now the H&K L30 Gatling Laser!
* Smuggler's End is now the classic pulsing mesh from EVE 0.9.2
* Lasers and Plasma now have NEW custom impact effects!
* All optional laser and plasma weapon meshes are described
* Optional sound for Vengence in the sound\fx\wpn\HKL30 folder
* New sounds for A3-21 Plasma
* New sounds for Plasma Pistol
* New sounds for FireLance
* New sounds for Protectrons Gaze
* New sounds for WazerWifle
* New sounds for robot's plasma
* New sounds for Protectron Robots
* New sounds for Laser Turrets

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