Fallout 3 - Fredricks Tactical Weapon

Adds several tactical weapons including g36c, M4a1, AK47,...

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  • Program by gRs Frederyck

Fallout 3 - Fredricks Tactical Weapon

Adds several tactical weapons including g36c, M4a1, AK47, Mp5, FN FAL, and ACOG.


My mod with CALIBR! http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5961


Hello and Welcome to my mod!!


Put the folder "Data" in your directory "C/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3"

Put the .esp and the "ArchiveInvalidation.txt" in your "Data" folder.

Edit your Fallout.ini file, located in your 'my games' folder,

changing the binvalidateolderfiles value to 1 ( binvalidateolderfiles=1).


Version 3.1


Differences :

I've added 6 new versions of FN FAL.

I've added 2 new versions of MP5SD6.

I've increase all textures with HD and HDR.

I've change the texture of the scopes.

Now you can repair your weapons with scrap metals.

I've increased the normal map for all weapons.

I've added 2 new versions of MP5A4, and deleted the MP5SD6.

I've create 2 new versions of M4S90.

I've fix the textures of the FN FAL.

I've fix the G36C and G36CSD models.

I've fix all little bug....


Version 4.0


Differences :

I've fixed the bug of the older version.

I've fixed all bugs.

Now all weapons have its ammo.


Version 5.0


Differences :

I've added a lot of new weapons.

I've fixed a lot of bug.

I've decrease all prices.

A lot of things....



Original ACOG model - Twinke Masta

Original M4A1 model - Nitem4re

Original G36C model - Soullance

Original AK47 model - Brurpo

Original AK47 texture - Stylesm

Original MP5A4 model and texture - Zealotlee

Original FN FAL model - vashts1985

Original MP5SD6 model - Sparky84

Original Scope model - AlexScorpionium


Please after your downlaod rate my mod!!!!

Thank you




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