Railroad Tycoon 3: Coast To Coast Expansion

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Railroad Tycoon 3: Coast To Coast Expansion
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Railroad Tycoon III
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Description: Railroad Tycoon 3: Coast To Coast Expansion

This brand new expansion pack to Railroad Tycoon 3 is being made available for free to all Railroad Tycoon 3 consumers as a thank you for the public support of the Railroad Tycoon franchise over the years.

This is an expansion pack and requires the full version of Railroad Tycoon 3 be installed, as well as an additional 316 MB of free hard drive space.

Railroad Tycoon 3: Coast To Coast Features Include:

- Thirteen new maps, covering all corners of the earth, including the Grand-Daddy of Railroad Tycoon™ 3 scenarios - 'Coast To Coast.' (A sprawling map of the entire United States), as well as new maps of Russia, Poland, China, Mexico and other far-flung locales.
- Eight new locomotives, including the Class 460, GP 35, U1, and The Zephyr.
- Three new skinning tools - The Train Skin, Company Logo, and Player Portrait tools allows players to paint up their trains, design their own company logo, or put themselves into the game as a competing tycoon.
- The latest patch for the game. The latest 1.04 patch has a total of 108 new features, balance tweaks and revisions since the original 1.00 release.

About Railroad Tycoon 3

In Railroad Tycoon? 3 players can realize their dream of founding and expanding a railroad empire. By building rail lines, purchasing trains and transporting cargo to launch the railroad, players can burst onto the scene during the 'Golden Era of Railroading; and sustain dominance through the modernization of the industry. Players must expand their business into major cities, acquire the latest locomotives, force competitors into bankruptcy, and manipulate the stock market to become the Ultimate Railroad Tycoon

Railroad Tycoon 3: Coast To Coast is published by Gathering and was developed by PopTop

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