Railroad Tycoon 3 v1.03 Patch [Polish]

Update Railroad Tycoon III to v1.03 with this patch which...

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Railroad Tycoon 3 v1.03 Patch [Polish]

Update Railroad Tycoon III to v1.03 with this patch which adds a ton of fixes to many aspects of the game. See details info in more information.

Railroad Tycoon 3

Version History - Last updated on December 4, 2003.

Version 1.03 Changes

General: The 1.03 patch fixes bugs, adds a number of frequently requested

interface features, and also has two major gameplay balance adjustments.

First, the A.I. is now much stronger. Second, the amount of passengers and

mail produced late in games has been significantly reduced. The combination of these two changes results in many scenarios being somewhat harder to win. There are also a number of smaller game balance tweaks.


1. You can now bulldoze in multiplayer games.

2. Cleaned up some out-of-synch issues.

3. Connection error reporting is now much more robust - it'll be easier to tell why you can't connect, if you're having problems.

Single Player Bug Fixes

4. Fixed a crash bug that could occur when cycling through stations in the

Consist window for trains that used waypoints.

5. Fixed a crash that could occur while bulldozing track.

6. Fixed a crash bug that could occur, rarely, when cycling through trains

using the next/previous buttons or the Page Up/Page Down keys.

7. Fixed a crash bug that could occur, very rarely, without direct player

interaction (due to routing issues)

8. Fixed a bug where playing in Windows XP Limited User Mode could cause


9. Fixed a track-laying problem with electric, double-track bridges (and

possibly others) that could cause crashes.

10. Fixed a ledger bug where using the industry list when you had a LOT of

industries could cause crashes.

11. Fixed a ledger bug where clicking on a player in the player list could call up the wrong financial data for that player.

12. Fixed a problem with trains slowing down for no apparent reason, especially at single track-double track junctions.

13. Fixed a problem that sometimes occurred where certain sections of track

would slow trains down considerably (note, trains still approach stations and service towers slowly - that's intentional - this bug was different)

14. Fixed a bug where cities would be considered "Connected" when they only had a service tower or maintenance shed.

Single Player Balance and Gameplay Tweaking

15. Reduced the amount of passengers and mail in the middle and later stages of a game (i.e. when the map is built up with lots of track) by 15-30%.

16. Decreased the effects of a locomotive's Passenger Appeal rating from (worst to best) -15%, 0, +15%, +30% to -10%, 0, +10%, +20%.

17. Increased the effect that track curves have on train speed, especially for slower, earlier trains.

18. Decreased the momentum effect of trains, which means trains going uphill will lose speed faster, and steeper grades will generally affect trains more.

19. Bumped up the rate at which express and freight cargo profits decrease

while on your trains by 15% and 10% respectively. This penalizes slow

deliveries more harshly than before.

20. To compensate for the above items which decrease revenue and/or train

performance in specific ways, increased the overall revenue from train hauling by 6%.

21. Increased the cost of placing new factories (i.e. Steel Mill) by 10-15%. Prices for purchasing existing factories are unchanged. This will increase the incentive to purchase an existing, profitable building rather than always placing your own.

22. Increased the cost of the Post Office from $25K to $40K.

23. Mines and farms will hold a bit larger quantities of the cargo they produce in their 'home square', thus making it easier to capture it with a nearby station before it moves away.

24. If two factories demand the same resource cargo, and one is slightly closer to the source, it is now more likely that a small portion of resource cargo will reach even the factory that is farther away.

25. AI is better able to declare bankruptcy when it's suitable.

26. AI can issue stock in its own company, as appropriate, when cash is


27. AI companies liquidate faster in hopeless situations.

28. AI companies expand a little more readily at the beginning of the game.

29. AI trains are managed a bit better with respect to oil, sand and water.

30. AI buys more trains at start when initial 2 stations are far apart.

31. AI starts better in Go West! and Orient Express scenarios (a couple of the cities the AI normally uses in these scenarios were tweaked to be a bit


32. AI does a better job of upgrading to double track as needed.

33. AI will now build electric track in scenarios where all locomotives are

electric (i.e. stand-alone France)

Single Player New Features

34. You can now buy the assets (track and stations) of liquidated companies. It works like attempting a merger with a non-liquidated company (uses the same interface), but there is a fixed, discounted price for the assets, and no shareholder vote is necessary.

35. Added 'Color Adjustment' option (in settings window, within

'Miscellaneous'for color blind users to change the red/yellow/green color

scheme used for overlays (the option is in the settings window, under


36. Added option to reduce or eliminate camera auto-centering when selecting trains and stations (the option is in the settings window, under 'Camera Controls')

37. Added ability to insert stops anywhere in a train's route, by holding down

when clicking to add a stop.

38. Added support for double-byte versions of the game (i.e. Chinese,


39. Improved performance when many (100+) trains running on complex routing

networks. Performance improvement is about 15-25% in the most severe cases.

40. Station detail - cargo price display (upper right) - Foreign stations are now shown dimmed so they're easier to distinguish. Also, fixed bug in sort order for express cargo.

41. Changed the background color and some of the foreground colors in several overview modes for greater visibility/clarity.


42. Chicago to New York Repositioned Louisville so it is south of the Ohio

river, as it should be.

43. France: Fixed French/German border for correct post-1945 positioning.

44. Germany: Fixed Austrian alliance event to properly give access rights to Austria.

45. Central Pacific (Campaign) : Removed ledger status information about track built that had been displaying incorrectly.


46. Fixed Special Condition 'Disable Issuing and Buyback of stock' so that the game correctly disables the buyback buttons when this condition is on.

47. Added Validation for Game Year/Month event condition to ensure that it is not used for annual events.

48. You can now import heightmaps at sizes up to 1024 x 1024 (previous cap was 768 x 768 for square maps).

49. You can now remove access rights for a territory that a company already has access to, by selecting that territory in the company detail panel, territories tab, in the list box.

50. Fixed a bug when where adding a new event and then using the 'Move Up'

button could cause some of the event data and text to be overwritten.

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