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G I A N T S: Dragon Add-on v1.3

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File Info: G I A N T S: Dragon Add-on v1.3

G I A N T S: Dragon Add-on v1.3
The Puma Man
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Morrowind, Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
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Description: G I A N T S: Dragon Add-on v1.3

This Mod adds "Fying Dragons" to Morowind! It should NOT interfere with any other mod. This add-on is meant to be used with the Morrowind mod "GIANTS" but it can also be used by itself. Version 1.3.

Dragons are now being spotted in Morrowind. It would appear they're attracted to Dagoth Ur's recent rumblings. The encounters have been rare but it seems they have found a home in the Ashlands and the turbulent Molag Amur regions. They are known to breath FIRE and their fiery breath is inexhaustible. They are completely at home in the skies soaring for hours at a time. They are the new apex predators of the region and can consume anything alive in their path. They are huge and no other creature can match their size. Dragons have been said to have been "conceived of fire" so its no wonder that
their lairs are active volcanic areas!
V 1.3
Brand new Dragon models used much better than the last ones! New smaller file size!

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