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Over the Hedge

Play as the animals as they try to protect the land that humans want to take 

Publisher: Activision  Rating: 6.6 out of 10 (70 votes)

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion 0.2 Beta RC1

Play this incredible blend of favorite console games for free

Publisher: MKFusion  Rating: 6.6 out of 10 (81 votes)

Mr Mario's Adventures 1.1

Get Ready to Meet Mario Yet Again...

Publisher: FW Retranslator  Rating: 8.9 out of 10 (3 votes)

Metal Slug

Metal Slug is a side-scrolling arcade shoot-em-up. This...

Publisher: Softendo  Rating: 7.4 out of 10 (819 votes)

Meat Boy 1.0

An interesting and fun independent online video game

Publisher: team-meat  Rating: 6.6 out of 10 (183 votes)

Madagascar 2

Help the characters from the movie franchise get away to Africa

Publisher: Activision  Rating: 7.4 out of 10 (526 votes)

Ice Age 3

The third game for the well-known Ice Age Trilogy

Publisher: Activision  Rating: 6.9 out of 10 (300 votes)

Gold Miner Joe 1.0

A classic platforming game where users must avoid any enemies to reach the goal

Publisher: Arcadelab  Rating: 8.0 out of 10 (36 votes)

Ghouls'n Ghosts 1.0

Defeat the ghosts and other monsters that tend to get in your way 

Publisher: Gamefabrique  Rating: 9.0 out of 10 (6 votes)

Doodle Jump

Endlessly leap to platforms without falling or being hit by enemies

Publisher: DoodleJump  Rating: 7.3 out of 10 (446 votes)