Rainbow Folders 2.05

Change the color of any folder in Windows

Publisher: Piotr Chodzinski  Rating: 7.4 out of 10 (67 votes)

Vitrite 1.1

Manually adjust the transparency level for visible windows on your Windows-based PC

Publisher: Ryan VanMiddlesworth  Rating: 7.3 out of 10 (35 votes)


A Windows XP utility that provides updated Windows Vista functionality and features

Publisher: Lee-soft  Rating: 3.5 out of 10 (46 votes)

Bitmoji for Chrome 10.31.1247

This download allows users to create unique and personalized emoji icons

Publisher: Bitstrips  Rating: 10.0 out of 10 (1 votes)

Multi-Meter (Quad Core) 1.00

Keep tabs on the processor of your device and monitor its performance levels any time


IObit StartMenu8

Desktop customization tool to bring back the classic start menu

Publisher: IObit Information Technology  Rating: 6.6 out of 10 (40 votes)

Scooby-Doo Dancer

Animated Scooby Doo character dances to music on your desktop

Publisher: Microsoft  Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (247 votes)

Sticky Notes Pro

Create and edit colorful sticky notes that are displayed on the home screen 

Publisher: Digital Cloud Technologies LLC  Rating: 10.0 out of 10 (4 votes)


A program for Windows 8 that was designed to bring back the traditional start menu 

Publisher: Stardock  Rating: 7.0 out of 10 (33 votes)

Custopack Tools

Software with different options for customizing Windows displays

Publisher: Crystalxp  Rating: 7.4 out of 10 (74 votes)