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The Infinite War

One thousand years of endless, brutal warfare. Oppression. The clashing of incompatible ideas and principles. The rise and fall of empires. The slaughter of millions.

This is the universe of Supreme Commander, a future reality in which the Infinite War rages between three diametrically opposed human factions: the United Earth Federation, the Aeon Illuminate and the Cybran Nation. This devastating war has impacted nearly every sector of the known galaxy, with few systems escaping its fury.

You are one of the elite few chosen to be a Supreme Commander, a military leader of unrivaled power. By harnessing the incredible might of the Command Unit (CDR Unit), you construct a nearly limitless army of robotic tanks, artillery, naval gunships and aircraft. Develop and execute strategies that result in the annihilation of your enemies in epic, earth-shattering battles of unparalleled size and scope.

Welcome, Supreme Commander. The Infinite War awaits…
Command a lethal combination of land, sea and air units

Plan, coordinate, and unleash strategic ground, naval and air attacks in a true display of combined-arms tactics. Use your heavy bombers to weaken a key enemy position before sending in your ground assault forces to mop up any survivors. Shell enemy fortifications with your water-based destroyers, or use submarines to launch a surprise attack against enemy aircraft carriers.

In Supreme Commander, there are no limits to the strategic possibilities.
Factions - the three warring factions:
Determined to rebuild the shattered Earth Empire, the UEF wants nothing more than to unite the galaxy under its rule.
Led by the enigmatic Dr. Brackman, the Cybrans fight to liberate their enslaved brothers and sisters from the UEF.
Believing that humanity is doomed to destroy itself, the Aeon sweep across the galaxy, "cleansing" it of non-believers.
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