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Huxley: The Dystopia Steps Closer to Launch
Huxley: The Dystopia Steps Closer to Launch with a New Sneak Peek Web Site!
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License for North America and Europe
Webzen and NHN execute Huxley's License for North America and Europe
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Huxley Walkthrough
GDC 09: Huxley Walkthrough
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Huxley Update
GDC 09: Huxley Update
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Sang Woon Yoon talks strategy and Huxley
Webzen: Sang Woon Yoon, development strategy manager in global studio management talks strategy and Huxley
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Huxley Resurfaces
Huxley Resurfaces: The MMO FPS will be published by free-to-play game purveyor NHN USA.
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Huxley is a bold step forward for the massively multiplayer genre. In a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has divided into three mutually hostile species, a battle for survival rages through the ruins of a ravaged Earth.

Huxley is an "MMOFPS," a game that combines the white-knuckle action and player vs. player combat of your favorite first-person shooters with the social interactions, large-scale battles, character growth and persistent gameplay of your favorite online RPGs.

When Earth's Moon was shattered in a devastating cosmic catastrophe, it might have been the end of all life on Earth. Fortunately only a small percentage of ejected Moon material landed on Earth. Not enough to wipe out humanity, but enough to completely destroy civilization. Worse, the survivors began to mutate when the material that had shattered the Moon also landed on earth. Now the pitiful remnants of humanity, subdivided into mutually hostile Sapien, Alternative and Hybrid subspecies, battle each other and struggle to survive in a devastated world.

After the destruction of the Moon, mutation caused by the objects that had destroyed it that landed on Earth caused the human race to split into three subspecies. Worse, each subspecies has two distinctive variants that through time and breeding may eventually be recognized as a species of their own. While there was initially not much more than the usual racism and discrimination between members of each human subspecies, the "One" faction amongst the Sapiens eventually decided to enslave the Alternates. This resulted in rebellion by the Alternates and lasting hatred between the races, triggering a war that rages to this day. In Huxley, players will be able to play as a variant of either the Sapien or Alternative races.

Sapiens - "One" Faction: The Ones are classic humans, identical in appearance and genetic make-up to pre-apocalypse humanity.

Sapiens - "Syn" Faction: The Syns are pale, elf-like humans with pale skin and blonde hair. They were also victims of discrimination by the Ones, but maintain an alliance with them thanks to their shared hatred of the Alternatives.

Alternatives - "Alternix" Faction: The Alternix are the most obviously mutated humans with gray skin, stiff white hair and eyes without iris or pupils. They are small and wiry but very fast and physically adept.

Alternatives - "Alteraver" Faction: The Alteravers are large and physically every powerful and make great front-line warriors.

One of the most exciting aspects of Huxley is the promise of not only first-person gunplay but also vehicular combat. These vehicles will be crucial when it comes to transporting squads of infantry fighters and many will be powerful combat vehicles in their own right. While not every air, sea or land vehicle has been released, the game will sport a number of armored personnel transports, light scout trucks, heavy tanks, dropships and small scout flyers.

Given that the post-apocalyptic world is one in which a good day means surviving until nightfall, weapons will play a key role in Huxley. As such, they had better look cool, since players will be looking down their barrels more often than not. As players gain in levels, they'll become certified to carry higher-caliber hardware.

For a look at some of the weapons of Huxley, check them out on GameSpy.

What's an "MMOFPS?"
MMOFPS is an acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter. It combines all the white-knuckle action and player vs. player combat of your favorite first-person shooters with the social interactions, large-scale battles, character growth and persistent gameplay of your favorite online RPGs.

What's the difference between Huxley and a traditional first-person shooter such as Team Fortress 2?
Traditional FPS games are built around the "deathmatch" concept. Players get in, battle each other and get out and the world resets to the beginng. Huxley's world is persistent, which means that changes to the world continue from session to session. As players defeat enemies, they gain experience, they rise in levels and get better weapons, armor and power and are able to take on more powerful enemies.

How many people will be able to fight each other at any one time?
During the beta test, 32-player matches will be available with larger battles available in the future.

What kind of technology will I need to play?
While final specs for the game have not yet been released, the game is built on Unreal technology, an engine noted for its ability to scale well to lower-end PCs.

Will there be a beta?

When does the Beta begin?
The beta is scheduled to begin soon. We will be updating with more details when we have them.


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