Experience the award winning world of Norrath for free in EverQuest® Escape to Norrath™. Millions have adventured in Norrath and now it’s your turn! Create a noble human paladin, a vicious dark elf necromancer, a greedy dwarven rogue, or any of the more than 100 character combinations and join one of the most established online gaming franchises ever!

Explore Escape to Norrath up to experience level 10 and discover the legendary action, countless hours of content and stunning beauty of the biggest massively multiplayer online franchise!*
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*Character advancement is limited to level 10 in this trial. To continue to play after level 10 and/or on a traditional EverQuest server, you must purchase a retail version of EverQuest® from a participating retailer.

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EverQuest Escape to Norrath is an Internet-only game which require players to connect to Sony Online Entertainment servers via their own Internet connections. Players are responsible for their own Internet connection service and all Internet-related fees. SOE reserves the right to discontinue any feature or offer at any time. This software, and any game-play within these games, is subject to SOE's Terms of Service and the EverQuest User Agreement and Software License Agreement, which may be amended or modified by Sony Online Entertainment at any time in its sole discretion. Game experience may change during online play. System requirements are subject to change as the game progresses. Additional restrictions may apply. In the event that you convert a limited, trial ten (10) day account to a full game subscription or Station Access subscription during the ten (10) day game-play period included with this offer, the account will be immediately converted, the remainder of such game-play period will be forfeited and waived, and your credit card will be immediately billed or your game card will be immediately consumed. Game and Station Access subscriptions require a valid credit card or SOE game card.
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