An online home rental marketplace that matches multi-family property owners with apartment seekers in large American cities


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Zumper is a rental platform that assists individuals looking to settle down locate their next best apartment as well as assisting landlords looking to rent out their next available unit locate their tenants.

The platform essentially seeks to enhance the rental experience for its users by transferring the burden of making an apartment search or sale and transition from the user to Zumper.

In other words, Zumper seeks to make renting an apartment, easier, faster, and safer for its users by allowing property owners and real estate agents to upload rental listings, screen potential tenants, as well as collect rent payments, all under a singular platform.

Features of Zumper

Listing syndication

Through Zumper, a user is able to submit multiple properties for listing in order to widen visibility as well as making the property searchable in other syndicated listings or real estate websites. The aim is to advertise and promote the listing as much as possible.

Listing management gateway

Zumper allows users to manage listing details through an agent web portal. The listing details will usually include crucial information like the property value, property photos, as well as the outline of property fixtures and amenities.

Premium listing features

Through the Zumper premium feature, profiles and listings are afforded certain premium privileges such as more exposure, extra lead generation capabilities, prominent placement as well as more elaborate listing details at some extra fee. This definitely translates to more business.

Website integration

The Zumper widget can easily be integrated into a client’s or listing’s website and enabled to share listing data, trend analysis monitoring as well as trigger more targeted lead generation.

Integrated payment processing

Zumper comes with built-in payment processing capabilities that allow landlords and tenants to complete their transactions over a secure platform without involving third parties.

Reporting systems

Zumper monitors a listing’s performance and periodically generates performance review reports that are an important marketing metric in real estate.

Online viewing and booking

Zumper has automated the process of online viewing and booking of an apartment by providing a way to smartly manage the entire operation in one visit.

Pros of using Zumper

  • Easy to set up, get started, as well as make changes to the listing.
  • Great lead generator for attracting potentially new tenants.
  • Its integration with other tools, software, and user's website is seamless.
  • Able to target a broad audience relatively fast.
  • Great for managing applications and inquiries through the excel feature capturing applicant's details.
  • Retrieves and stores a client's contact information, simplifying the follow up process.
  • Great for managing a large real estate portfolio. This is because it offers a one-stop shop for diverse real estate clientele and property owners to interact.
  • Allows the property owner or agent to screen a client's criminal as well as eviction record once they fill out their information on Zumper forms.

Cons of using Zumper

  • Lacks an integrated messaging or chat feature for ease of communication with clients.
  • Email communication with clients not convenient as the emails may end up in the clients' spam folder.
  • Zumper does not offer a free version or free trial period of the application.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Listing Syndication
  2. Listing Management Portal
  3. Premium Listings & Profiles

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Website Integration / Widgets
  2. CRM Integration
  3. Agent Profiles
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