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ZoomInfo is a business-to-business online platform that assists businesses and marketers understand their ideal customers while targeting their website traffic in real time.

In other words, ZoomInfo increasingly simplifies the complex process of browsing multiple business databases in search of information, by sourcing all such information on your behalf and consolidating it under one roof to make business sense and for quick retrieval.

Features of ZoomInfo

Data pool

ZoomInfo provides a wide data source selection ranging from contact data, company data, as well as relevant industry research all aggregated in a singular platform for quick retrieval.

Data credibility

The site provides verified and credible information, thus enhancing contact data accuracy and company data accuracy.

Lead generation

ZoomInfo is a dynamic lead generating tool that easily captures, creates, and manages lists of potential customers across multiple sites.

Relationship management

The platform can be integrated with other customer relationship management and marketing automation software to produce credible user trends in a given market niche.

Data enrichment

The tool comes embedded with advanced data collection options such as company size, organization charts, technology upgrades, as well as a firm's financial history. Data can also be enriched through verification, correction, and provision of additional information to enhance data accuracy and credibility.

Data segmentation

ZoomInfo has in-built features to identify and flag duplicate contact information and other accounting records within a company's database. Data classification process has been made easier through industry comparisons.

Searching and benchmarking tool

Web tracking and social monitoring features allow users to track rival websites and crucial competitor activity even on social media. The information targeted here is price changes and product feature upgrades.

Reporting tools

The platform provides multiple analytical tools that effectively compute vital business metrics as well as track the progress of key business operations. It is easy to access custom reports and user dashboards. The reports can then be exported for external use.

Lead intelligence

ZoomInfo provides exceptional lead intelligence in form of accurate market insights, account-level insights, and lead analysis, all derived from measurable real customer data drawn from different websites.

Mobile and API user support

The site possesses the capability of being used across multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablets. It also enables integration to external application programming interface (API) systems.

Pros of ZoomInfo

  • Great tool for lead generation and promising data prospects.
  • It is highly user-friendly as it allows for data customization and list exportation for external use.
  • Consolidates relevant marketing data about companies, their rivals, and leaders in a single platform.
  • Provides indiscriminate and summarized data even for small companies, thus making it a reliable tool for contact information collection.
  • Great sales enablement tool in a fast evolving world: It comes integrated with other social networks making it easy to reach out to sourced contacts almost instantaneously.
  • ZoomInfo has gone the extra mile of providing not only a company's contact information but also personal contact information, thus guaranteeing a wider reach.
  • Allows people to connect easily and garner more sales pitches.
  • The contact lists provided are sorted with most senior contacts appearing first.
  • Fully customizable information searches enabled.

Cons of ZoomInfo

  • May give misleading information, especially for remote working companies who do not keep track of regular contact updates.
  • May not always provide up to date information under the technology tab regarding a target company's most recent technology update.
  • Lacks a wider flexibility in terms of the search criteria.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Search
  2. User
  3. Role
  4. and Access Management
  5. Performance and Reliability

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Contact Data Accuracy
  2. Messaging
  3. Reporting
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