Employee scheduling software that integrates with several popular CRMs and human capital management applications


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WhenToWork is an online scheduling tool. It can handle a variety of aspects related to employee scheduling and makes life much easier for both managers and employees.

At its core, WhenToWork is simple. Users can create their profile and a business profile, then fill in when an employee is going to have hours. Setting a variety of parameters, such as how many employees are needed on a certain shift and who will handle what responsibility, managers can use the "one-click scheduling tool," thus potentially eliminating human error. This makes life much easier for all users.

The program is relatively simple and lightweight. There is no app to download, no program that needs to be updated on a regular basis. It is all cloud-based, so managers and employees can regularly access the program's software, see their schedule, and make any necessary changes. Even better: You don't have to worry about employees ever checking the scheduling board again. The program automates the entire process. Users can easily see when they have to get to work via email or text notifications. As such, managers have more time to concentrate on important tasks.

The program is highly scalable, and its website brags that users of small diners or massive businesses can find a way to make WhenToWork work for them. This is also reflected in its pricing model, which is a scalable one: Users pay more if they have more employees that they are scheduling. Pay for smaller businesses can be as little as $15 a month - a very affordable number for a tool this useful.

WhenToWork also boosts professional tech support that is available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have with the program. As such, you can rest easy, knowing that any issues you have will be answered.

WhenToWork doesn't have a limit on how far out users could set their schedules. As such, users can set up a calendar for the next week, next month, or next year, using the parameters established by scheduling managers.

Despite its usefulness, some concerns were raised with the program. Most of those were concentrated specifically on how the display worked, noting that a variety of items tended to disappear or be hidden. The menu of the program could be somewhat difficult to manage, and this frustrated users. Shifts could be somewhat confusing to set up, as could multiple shifts - this, of course, could present a real problem for businesses that needed to set up many employees at the same time. 


  • One-click scheduling can automate the scheduling process and remove the possibility of human error from scheduling.
  • Cloud-based nature ensures that people can access the program from anywhere.
  • Automates notification.
  • Scales for any business need.
  • Highly flexible pricing model that sets prices very low if you don't have a ton of employees. 
  • Comes with built-in tech support that can answer questions and address concerns. 


  • Display needs improvement.
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