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Uprinting is an online service that facilitates online printing of brochures, business cards, postcards, posters, note stickers, and flyers.

There is no limit as to the number of design templates one can download until a desired match is found, thus presenting users with one of the best online services for especially marketing materials. Once satisfied with a design, the user uploads it on the site, following which the product they opted for will be proofed, printed on the desired material, and swiftly delivered to the user's address at a minimal fee.

The printing service is ideal for designers, marketers, as well as business owners.

Features of Uprinting

Live chat

This Uprinting feature allows a user to seek technical support when they experience navigation challenges. The technical team on the other end offers swift responses, guiding the user in addressing any particular challenge experienced in the design or shipment process.

Approve your proof

Once logged on to your Uprinting account, you can easily download your free PDF proof, which is like a preview of your design and how exactly it will appear once printed. After downloading, a user can proceed to review the digital proof of their design work and make any necessary adjustments.

Uprinting design templates

Uprinting offers plenty design options in form of customizable templates meant to help a user target a particular impression in their design process.

Customizable designs and products

Depending on the marketing material desired, a user can view and compare the different design templates in Uprinting and then redesign them according to their desired preferences. Through the custom product builder, a user can configure their own custom product into any size, folding option as well as paper stock.

Direct mail services

Uprinting services allow its users to save time and money by not only printing the user's designs but also mailing them directly to the user's address.

Free artwork checks

This feature allows Uprinting user's files to be reviewed for printing errors without incurring any extra charges. Each file submitted undergoes an in-depth check to make sure it meets print standard requirements.

Customizable packages

Once a product is ready for shipment, Uprinting allows a user to customize their shipment packages with custom packaging tapes as well as return address labels. This affords the user greater brand visibility and more repeat business.

Pros of using Uprinting

  • Offers a wide variety of custom designs and printing services under one platform.
  • Offers real time user support by correcting any design errors experienced.
  • A great tool for consistent branding needs.
  • Offers higher quality printing than standard consumer printing.
  • Affords the user greater control over the graphic design outlook.
  • An easy to use online printing service.
  • Integrated with a live chat feature for user support.
  • User's uploads are saved on their individual accounts for future repeat projects, thus saving them time.
  • Offers a wide variety of marketing materials including t-shirts and banners.
  • Pre-approval of designs before shipment is possible.
  • Easy ordering process.
  • Wide variety for paper types used for labels.
  • Professionally powered printing.

Cons of using Uprinting

  • The shipping cost may inconvenience some users.
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