Live video streaming for social media personalities with large follows and aspiring influencers


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Twitter-periscope is an app that connects thousands of people all over the world through online steaming. If you are looking to make new friends and form new connections, then twitter-periscope is the app for you.

Do you have a brand or social media platform whose audience you would like to grow and increase? The twitter-periscope app is an easy way to get more viewers and interactions for your content through streaming. Through the twitter periscope app, you can let your audience know what you are doing at any moment.

If you have a business that you would like to grow, you can stream your business products or services to your audience and let them have an inner look at how your business operates. Just as the name suggests, you can use Twitter periscope to stream live videos to your Twitter account and increase the number of your followers. If you are planning to become an influencer on Twitter, then Twitter periscope is the key to your growth.


User friendly

Twitter periscope has been designed in a way that makes it really easy to use. Navigation across the platform is incredibly simple and all the tools of uploading videos, streaming, and interacting with viewers are easily available.

Software options

The online streaming app is versatile with many software options that make it efficient and resourceful to the user. Some of the software options of Twitter periscope include social media stream, multi-platform streaming, hosted platform, and embeddable platform.

Audience tools

As stated earlier, Twitter periscope provides a platform of connecting and interacting with viewers. Whether you are aiming to increase the awareness of your brand or to just connect and make new friends, the audience tools of the app will make it easier to engage with people on the platform.

The audience tools of Twitter periscope include pause, live chat, and rewind.

Streaming tools

The Twitter Periscope app is a streaming tool for connecting with people. Some of the streaming tools that you can enjoy on the platform include analytics, which will show you how your content is performing on the platform, video archive, which will help you save some of your favorite old streams for future reference, and highlight clips that increase views and emphasis on the streams that you want your audience to check out.


  • A great platform for connecting with thousands of people around the world to make new friends or spread the awareness of your brand.
  • Twitter periscope is an easy to use site and all the important audience tools and streaming tools are easily available to anyone on the platform. It is very easy to start and end a broadcast on the platform.
  • The quality of images and videos on Twitter periscope are of high quality and definition. This enables your audience to get your message clearly and may even prompt them to interact with you via live chat.


  • Sometimes the audience may experience static when watching your videos or live streams. This may make them loose interest and move to the next content.
  • The video thumbs on the platform are really small.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Highlight Clips
  2. Social Media Stream
  3. Analytics

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Pause
  2. Monetization Options
  3. Live Rewind
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