Personalized sales software with a world-class telephony integration for high-performing reps to gather real-time intelligence during high-stakes conversations.


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Truly is all-cellular phone software that allows you to capture and convert relevant data into consistent execution by enhancing your revenue process automation. It is a wireless business phone solution with the key features being auto and predictive dialer, conference calling, auto attendant, computer telephony integration, and call recording. The software provides a better and remote way for businesses to manage their revenues, teams, and processes. It allows you to go digital with remote teams' conversations and facilitates the harnessing of data for enhanced customer engagement. This wireless system can conveniently be plugged into cellular networks, thus allowing businesses to transfer their voice traffic from the office network. Since the system is compatible with any network or device, it allows you to continue working with your corporate wireless provider.


Below are the features of Truly:

Access to local toll free numbers: This software will provide you access to the local toll free numbers. This makes it easy to contact the local authorities in case of an emergency.

It features an auto phone attendant: This all-cellular phone software provides your business with an auto call attendant through features such as forward calls and automatic call routing services.

Automatic popups based on relevant customer data: The software will generate popups based on relevant customer data, thus providing leads for your sales team. Using this software makes it easy to analyze your activity or competitor data with your sales process. This makes it easy for you to follow up on all deals.

It allows the creation of customer accounts: This allows you to profile and manage your customers.

Truly allows users to integrate it with email, SMS, CRM, and help desk integration.

Call center and service level management features.

Call tracing, reporting, automatic distribution, transfer, and disposition.


  • Easy integration: If you are looking for an all-cellular phone system that makes your daily workflow easy, you should use the truly software system.
  • It is easy to use. Truly is an easy to use system that comes a reliable customer support system.
  • The system makes it easy to dial and record calls. Using this system makes it easy to dial and record your business calls. The system also makes it easy to search contacts in the call logs or recordings.
  • It is suited for businesses that require VoIP-like business phone features. If you want a software that ensures access to VoIP phone features similar to those on a cellular network, you should use Truly platform. Its mobile applications are available for both the iOS and Android.
  • It is appropriate for businesses that receive many incoming calls. This is because you can utilize the voicemail and SMS feature to increase the output of your sales team.


  • Once you install the mobile app on your phone, answered calls on your computer are recorded as missed call on the app and this can be confusing.
  • Its re-routing feature can allow someone to re-route all calls to one specific person and when done by unauthorized persons, it becomes inconveniencing.
  • You could also experience some bugs and glitches that can slow down your experience.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Information Locater
  2. Generate Local Numbers
  3. Record Prospect Data

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Daily Summary
  2. Personalization
  3. Automated Emails
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