SquareUp Payment Method

A Magento integration for eCommerce stores that would like to let customers pay with Square


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SquareUp Payment Method is an electronic commerce platform that facilitates secure online payments through end-to-end encryption. The online site provides a seamless credit card processing mechanism from any location. Square Up has a team that operates all its security features, which bar the storage of credit card numbers.

The payment platform allows you to monitor all your transactions and transfers easily. The Square Up dashboard also provides real time reports from any location, essentially helping you compare your sales’ volumes periodically.


Inventory management: Square Up can be integrated easily into tools like QuickBooks for effective inventory management.

Transaction processing: Square Up facilitates not only electronic commerce processing but also point of sale processing, making it an effective multifunctional transactional tool.

Withdrawal convenience: Retrieving your funds from Square Up takes less than seven days, which is convenient for users.

Automated information retrieval: A customer’s card information can safely and securely be stored in Square Up servers, thus allowing the customer to transact subsequently without having to produce their credit card each time.

Fast invoicing: Square Up has certain built-in tools to facilitate invoice dispatch to customers. Its e-commerce features facilitate swift online ordering as well as invoicing.

Remote accessibility: Through its virtual terminal feature, Square Up allows users to enter credit card payments from any internet-connected gadget with a web browser without necessarily requiring them to use a phone.

Payment convenience: Square Up facilitates installment payments by acting as the underwriter between the vendor and the customer. This ensures users are safe should cases of default ever arise.

Mobile convenience: Square Up has developed several apps that suit each individual business differently.

Customizable dashboard: The Square Up dashboard allows flexibility to suit the user’s outlook preferences. This makes the site easy to use by providing everything in one basket.

Customer database management: Regular transaction records are captured and appropriate customer data securely stored in a Square Up database for easy retrieval.

Advanced reporting: This feature utilizes the customer database to generate reports of metrics, such as buyers trend, market fluctuations etc.

Multi-location management: Square Up users can manage their businesses or transactional locations from a single account.

Customer feedback: Square Up dashboard provides a feature to collect customer feedback, which then complements customer support efforts.

Email marketing: From the customer database and feedback pool, a user can easily dispatch automated email campaigns, effectively targeting a specific audience.


  • Square Up is free to set up and use since it requires no initial fees for registration.
  • The site offers multiple support features such as a free point of sale platform. With it, you can also manage product inventory, send email invoices, and generate sales reports, which all simplify all the business processes involved.
  • A business can have multiple user accounts.
  • It is fairly easy to transfer money from Square Up to your personal bank account.
  • The site charges a consistent flat fee regardless of the transaction size.
  • Minimal information needed to open account.


  • The flat fee does not allow installment payment and is likely to affect the low-volume sellers.
  • Retaining customer card information may breach a user's privacy.
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