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Social Blade is an ideal website for anyone interesting in tracking growth among certain social media platforms. It makes it easy to see who is growing, being watched, being subscribed to, and more.

Social Blade aggregates the publicly available data and allows users to track useful analytics on social media. It works for many networks, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and more, with additional networks being added periodically in order to allow users better access to vital information.

The analytics provided on the page are very impressive. You can type in a username and automatically see a huge array of data about them, including followers, subscribers, content sent, views, and more. The information is available in easy-to-read displays, including graphs and spreadsheets. It also gives you a total ranking of the user, showing you how they compare to the overall network. The data here is very impressive and granular: Its analytics even give you free projections that will allow you to see if the person's account is growing at the rate that Social Blade expects it to. It will also give overall "grades" based on the accounts followers/viewers and the overall accounts they create. 

For individuals who are more interested in a casual view of a social media ecosystem, you can view lists and watch live counts of someone's subscriber growth grow or shrink. This can be particularly interesting for higher growth accounts, as you can actually watch someone's account grow or shrink live.

Social Blade is constantly adding new networks, so if there is a new and popular network, you can probably expect Social Blade to add support for it soon.

While the information is free, this still comes at a price: Ads. The display is cluttered with them, and this can make the information on the page difficult to read and make the overall experience much more frustrating. Users can get rid of the ads by making a premium membership purchase. This membership gives greater insight and analytics, and while it is extremely useful, you will probably only really need it if you are involved in marketing or social media management for a living. 


  • Comes with a massive array of free data about someone's social media account.
  • Allows you to compare channels or accounts, enabling you to see who is doing better compared to someone else. 
  • Provides fascinating live insight into someone's account growth. 
  • Comes with premium membership that gives advanced features.


  • Ads can be distracting and take away from the overall usefulness of the page.
  • You can compare pages, but those comparison options are limited, and you cannot do anything like a regional breakdown. 
  • Does not appear to provide long-term historical data about an account's growth - only provides relatively recent historical growth. 

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. API / Integrations
  2. Influencer Identification
  3. User
  4. Role
  5. and Access Management

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Attribution
  2. Report Customizability
  3. Report Exporting
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