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Snagajob is a perfect way for individuals to find a quick hourly job with a variety of potential uses. It is also a great way for employees to easily and conveniently find the employees that they need.

Snagajob is easy to use and is perfect for people looking for a job and hiring managers looking to fill one. Managers can post job openings that they have and set a variety of parameters, including pay, location, skills required, hours of work, and more. Employees can then search for jobs along with a series of search criteria. Once potential employees find a job, they can fill out an online application and run the entire hiring system through the website.

The program is clearly geared towards today's short-term, gig-economy. The jobs tend to be short-term and highly flexible, but it is absolutely possible to use Snagajob to find long-term employment. Many of the jobs open are set by companies like Door Dash or Uber. However, employees looking for a job can use Snagajob's robust search menu in order to find the employment opportunity that best suits their needs and skillset. The front page has easily clickable search functions that users can use, including remote work, warehouse associate, cashier, clerk, and more. It is even possible to find quick shift work that can be used almost instantly. This flexibility is highly sought after by many employers and employees, and it's clear that Snagajob has found a useful employment gap to fill.

Employers clearly love the one-stop -shopping nature of the program. They can create their own job applications or use the websites onboard hiring processes. This means that you can manage everything about the recruitment process directly from the website, thus cutting out the middle man and enabling you to do all hiring from the main website.

However, that is not to say that all is well with the program. Many small businesses complained that some features - like "urgently hiring" - weren't available to them, as they are only available to larger businesses with multiple locations. Other smaller businesses said that these issues prohibited them from gaining a ton of potential employees, thus drastically limiting the number of applications they receive. Indeed, many of the complaints about Snagajob came from small businesses who said they didn't get enough value out of the program.


  • Easy to use for both hiring managers and people seeking employment.
  • Robust search menu that makes finding a job in your skill-set a breeze.
  • Allows individuals and managers to find work that can be as short as one shift.


  • Many of the better features are only available to larger businesses.
  • Smaller businesses complained that they had a harder time taking full advantage of the program and that it was a waste of money for them.
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