SAP Concur

Expense management software with automated invoice approvals and AI auditing capabilities


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SAP Concur is a spend management solution that integrates and keeps track of travel itinerary management, expense control, vendor invoice dispatch, regulations compliance as well as risk management. It is both small business-friendly as well as large business-friendly.

SAP Concur essentially seeks to address the sophistications of spending in a company by offering a simplistic and clearer path to effectively and proactively manage business expenses. In simple terms, SAP Concur is an incredible software for managing your accounts payables.

Features of SAP Concur

Deployment support

SAP Concur comes with integrated deployment support on the cloud, web based platforms, Mac desktops, as well as Android, iPhone and iPad mobile devices. It is not available for Windows operating systems.

User support

SAP Concur comes with timely technical support communication via email, phone as well as built-in chat features. All these platforms provide a highly responsive end user support in form of reporting user problems.

Training support

SAP Concur provides user onboarding support through various media such as webinars, online tutorials, and video tutorials. This simplifies the navigation and use of the platform for new users.

Bank integration

SAP Concur has built-in capabilities to generate expense receipts from user credit card statements. It functions well with both personal as well as corporate credit cards. This is a great way to monitor employee spending.

Payroll integration

SAP Concur comes with an employee reimbursement functionality that is directly attached to their bank accounts. The software can also be easily integrated with the company’s payroll system for automated payments.

Online booking management

SAP Concur has a built-in functionality that facilitates online flight booking, hotel reservation, and rental car hire. This saves a lot of time for the business.

Scheduled events and notifications

Through its integration with the calendar system, SAP Concur always notifies the event and trip planners of any upcoming flights, reservation dates or rental car hire appointments. This presents a simple way to manage a company’s activities. Moreover, SAP Concur also comes with certain advanced integrations that can link it directly to online taxi hauling services, airline-ticketing systems as well hotel reservation sites.

Electronic invoicing and payments

SAP Concur can produce and dispatch electronic invoices that are also printable. In addition, the invoices can be user-customized depending on the business brand. Beyond just invoicing, SAP Concur also accepts electronic payments from business clients.


  • Comes with a free trial period
  • Easy to set up, navigate and use
  • Provides an efficient and reliable way to keep track of a company’s expense claims
  • Provides a simple way to upload receipts in various formats
  • Accommodates both large and small businesses
  • Great for producing expense reports while matching receipts to expenses
  • Producing expense reports takes minimal time and is intuitive for new users
  • Simplifies complex workflow structures
  • Has a wide flexibility of integration with different software and sites
  • Provides a user friendly interface to update business information


  • Lacks a free version of the software
  • May lag when scanning receipts

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Employee Reimbursement
  2. Receipt Capture
  3. Bank / Credit Card Integration

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Offline
  2. Smart Categorization
  3. Embedded AI / Machine Learning
SAP Concur
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