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MyLab is an online platform that consolidates online homework, tutorials and other assessment tools formulated to enhance the results of higher learning students.

In other words, MyLab is an e-learning site made easier for students especially students taking math-related subjects. The learning management software offers dynamic e-learning solutions aimed at assisting higher learning institutions curate courses, generate personalized learning experiences for students, as well as produce custom reports and assessments.

Such personalized tools effectively simplify the learner's experience, making learning enjoyable.

Features of MyLab

Deployment flexibility

MyLab can be supported on the Cloud, Software-as-a-Service and web-based platforms as well as Android, iPhone, iPad mobile platforms.

Support availability

MyLab provides user support in form email helpdesk, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) forum as well as phone support.

Training convenience

MyLab provides user training and onboarding via video tutorial only. It does not extend these options to s in person, online, webinars training.

Academic and educational content

MyLab is designed to only provide educative or purely academic content.

Asynchronous learning option

MyLab allows learners to undertake assignments on their own schedules, within a given timeframe.

Blended learning option

The site also allows flexibility in terms of combining both the online learning materials it provides with the conventional lecturer-student interactive learning.

Built-in course authoring and curation

The site allows higher learning institutions to create engaging and interactive multimedia content for educational purposes.

Corporate and business training tool

MyLab can also be used to develop training courses and content that may be used for corporate or business use.

Learner gateway

MyLab provides a safe hub for students to easily store and access all their assignments and coursework resources.

Synchronous learning option

Beyond the asynchronous learning feature, MyLab also allows learners to undertake simultaneous assessments and coursework at scheduled timeframes.

Pros of MyLab

  • Easily accessible across multiple software and devices.
  • It is designed to be user friendly with a portal interface.
  • It offers a wide variety of questions with multiple choice answer selections.
  • Minimal paperwork involved in getting the assignments done.
  • Allows for integration with other research and e-learning sites.
  • Offers flexible options to the tutors for creating assignments and sharing with other instructors.
  • Presents a great support tool for learners who may need guided learning.

Cons of MyLab

  • Does not offer free trial version. Has to be fully paid-up to use.
  • Does not offer a detailed explanation as to why a given answer is wrong or why a student failed a quiz. This is because it does not factor in different correct answers. It is designed to only accept certain specific answers to questions.
  • A slight instance of poor internet connectivity or the site's downtime may make one miss their assignments.
  • The nature of questions may change once a learner logs out of the system and logs in again.
  • Teachers and lecturers have minimal flexibility and authority to alter the subjects within MyLab portal. At times, it might disagree or fail to account for a lecturer's teaching methods, ideologies, and concepts, making course delivery difficult
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