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MindTap is a great resource for anyone that reads online frequently. Whether you are a student, a journalist, or just an avid reader, MindTap can help you with your online reading. With the ability to highlight and take notes, this software is the perfect addition to reading online and brings a lot of functionality to reading on your computer that was generally reserved only for reading an actual paper book.

MindTap offers a simple browser addon that is full of features. For example, you can highlight what you read. If you plan on printing out, sharing, or just rereading an article, highlighting the important information is a sure-fire way to make note of the most important information. This is something that used to only be possible if you had a hard copy in front of you. In addition to this, it is actually an improved version of what is available on hard copy, because you can change the colors with just a couple of clicks, redo any mistakes, and even clear it all if you decide that it is looking too cluttered. Unlike the digital version, you can't just erase a highlighter in a book, which makes this feature from MindTap superior.

MindTap also offers a quick way to add notes. This can be extremely helpful when reading long or complicated texts. For example, if you are reading something and have to look up a word, you can add in the definition of that word for later so that when you reread it, it will be easier to understand. Additionally, notes can be used to summarize long paragraphs, sections, or even articles so that you do not have to reread several pages when you are just looking for one simple thing. Finally, another good use for notes is adding context. This can come in the form of stories, additional sources, or anything else that you think would be helpful to remember when looking at something online.

MindTap can also help you retain more on your first read-through. When you take notes or make annotations on something that you are reading, you are almost certain to retain way more information than you would have just read it through. So even if you do not have an academic or professional reason to make annotations with this software, you can still use it to your benefit to help you retain the knowledge that you want to remember for later. This makes it a great tool for reading anything online because sometimes details can be hard to remember.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install and setup
  • Easy to use
  • Completely free to own and use


  • Still does not have the some feel as reading on physical paper
  • Lacking drawing tools
  • Does not support every available page type
  • Can get in the way of trying to read at times

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