An online presentation platform that lets attendees ask questions and take surveys with no download required


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Mentimeter is an innovative presentation tool that allows users to engage with their audiences in real-time. This platform helps presenters to prepare, present and analyze their presentation. It also helps presenters to be heard as well as to hear from the audiences.

The presenter can utilize Mentimeter to build beautiful and interactive presentations with a feature known as presentation builder. The presenter can conduct polls and collect data and opinions from the participants. The participants can submit this information online through smart devices such as a smartphone.

This information helps the presenter understand their audience's reaction this can be very useful in rating their presentation. The data collected can also be utilized to develop the products further or improve any future presentations.

The input from the participants can help the presenters predict and understand various trends. This information can be very helpful in understating the market. The data from Mentimeter can be easily exported to a PDF or an excel file. This can help in further processing and analysis of the information collected.

There is also a feature for segment response that helps to get deeper insights. The collected data can also be used in comparison over time to understand and get trends that emerge. More data can also be collected via surveys.

Mentimeter can help to make presentations more interactive as it has 13 interactive question types. This question type includes world clouds and quizzes. The presenter can quickly develop an entire presentation because it has content slides that help make developing easier.

A Mentimeter presentation can be customized to meet the mood or the theme of the presentation. There are various themes available for the clients to choose from. If a client does not find a suitable theme, they have the ability to create their own theme.

The Mentimeter platform has been integrated with free stock images and GIF libraries that offer lots of content to add to your presentation. This helps to make the presentation lively and can also help bring the presentation to life. The images and GIFs can be very helpful in illustrating and expressing ideas.

Mentimeter can be used to make a presentation more interactive, and this can help improve energy levels and keep the crowd engaged. Presenters can capture the audience and keep them engaged by encouraging the audience to interact with the presenter. This way, the audience does not feel isolated.

Giving praises is also a great way to keep the audience engaged and prevent them from getting bored by a presentation. Giving praises and recognizing the audience's input helps to improve their morale and make them feel appreciated.

Mentimeter can also be utilized to keep the audience engaged by encouraging them to check in and give their inputs on the presentation. Check-ins can also help to gain an insight into the crowd.

Pros of Mentimeter

  • It offers the ability to generate question, polls and get feedback
  • It enables engagement with the crowd
  • It's a flexible tool that can be used by teachers, doctors, business et cetera

Cons of Mentimeter

  • The free version has limits
  • It limits the number of slides

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Auto Save
  2. Template Library

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Slide Design
  2. Presenter Tools
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