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MediaFire is one of the most affordable options available for cloud storage. The fact that it's not the most feature-rich software means that it won't be the right choice for everyone, but it offers all the fundamentals at a price that's hard to argue. And the amount of storage that it offers for free accounts makes it a promising choice for people who just want cloud storage and management but aren't necessarily looking for a full array of bells and whistles.

The biggest selling point here is the sheer scale of storage offered by MediaFire. A free account gives you a full 10 gigabytes of storage, which is roughly double what free plans with other popular providers can promise. Once you start looking at paid options, that storage capacity expands to up to 100 GB with a professional account. That's a lot of space for a cloud provider, but MediaFire is also notable for its ability to handle files that are exceedingly large in size. Single files stored on your MediaFire account can be up to a whopping 20 GB in size. Unfortunately, the free plan only supports maximum file sizes of 200 MB, so you might have to get more creative when trying to store all of your files.

MediaFire's feature set may be light, but that's fortunately reflected in one of the cleanest interfaces around. The standard dashboard neatly presents all of your files and folders to you while also centering most of the basic actions that the average user will need to perform on an everyday basis. It's a choice that adapts well to both desktops and mobile devices. Of particular note is the fact that MediaFire will present image files as thumbnails, so it's not a hassle to filter through a massive backlog of photos in search of a specific picture.

You can even upload files without the need for creating an account. Services like Imgur employ similar tactics, but MediaFire is somewhat limited with how their anonymous sharing works. Files can only be uploaded for a period of a few days, but the system is a sensible way for taking care of quick file transfers.

The feature set of MediaFire is light, but that shouldn't be a problem at all for more casual users. Creating files and shifting them back and forth between different folders is incredibly simple, and the phone app in particular is smartly designed for the needs of the everyday consumer. But more professional users may find the options here a bit limiting. MediaFire doesn't support batch uploads, so manually pushing through files one by one can get a bit tedious. For larger business entities, it might be enough to turn them off from MediaFire entirely. That said, MediaFire does offer some distinct advantages. It's just that its limitations ensure that it won't rank at the top of any list of cloud storage options.


  • Generous storage capacity for free users
  • Great design across desktop and mobile interfaces
  • Clean and intuitive user interface


  • Very light on common cloud storage features
  • Doesn't support batch uploading
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